BC Bud review ( nuken )

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strain : Nuken
Nuken is a Canadian west coast bud grown in Vancouver island.

parents : Shiskaberry, (Kish) X God Bud.

"I find this bud closely resembles gods gift, or a NYC Diesle ."

Flavors pungent,earthy,fruity .
"This smoke has a unique taste, everyHaul you get a pungent kushy mango taste"

Rating : 9.5 / 10
" i'm giving this bud 9.5 out of 10. For the reasons it is a unique flower, that every time you open the jar it's like Christmas,
Giving you that euphoric feeling every time you cut it up. "

Effects : euphoric happy high, sleepy, relaxed.

Medical : insomnia, headaches, appetite, pain .
" warning this Bud can cause major dry mouth & couchLock .

Nuken wax
This wax (concentrate) really brings out the fruity flavors every exhale taste like you ate a mango, making me think smoking this can give you vitamin C .


That is a beautiful bud! And wax

Thanx Richard. I take a great amount of pride in my buds. That's why I follow you I like your reviews.

Simply Great Information and Presentation

Thank you I will be doing more BC bud reveiws later , so feel free to follow.

Keep it up my friend

Thank you. I'll be doing some more reviews in the future. Feel free to follow @ian.wash