BC Bud review - chemo

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strain : chemo
Chemo sometimes called (UBC Chemo)is not a strain for amatures , with it's high THC content most will find themselves on their ass fast.
With a 20% Sativa and 80% indica, this bud has no mercy for the weak.

parents : UBC Chemo X (unknown)

  • It's believed to have originated in Canada in the 1970's, to help chemo patients ease the nausea and other side effects of the therapy.

Flavors : Earthy, lemony, pungent.
If you ever remember taking all your crystals and packing them in a pipe,
Well that's what smoking this bud taste like. With a hint of a pungent lemony taste.

Rating : 9 / 10
I'm giving the chemo a 9 out of 10, because of how strong hitting this couchlock/ wheelchair weed is. With the smooth taste and nice dense nugs. This one is an all time favourite.

Medical : Appetite, insomnia, pain, headaches.
This strain gives me a strong head buzz and the feeling of heavy eyelids , good for stomach pain, Migraines and sleep.

Effects : euphoric, happy high. Hungry, lazy, drowsiness.

  • warning because of the higher THC content (18-22%) in this stain, I find it can sometimes make you paranoid.
    WARNING " causes Severe couchlock and dry mouth"

After this review I'm now going to go roll up a fatty and smoke that shit. Already have the pizza man on speed dial.
Because smoking pot is a gateway to my refrigerator. Let's keep people informed that when you smoke a joint, you don't just drop that joint and go right to crack and slamming needles. That's more Alcohols job.
It's time the public knows how good CBD's and THC works for people suffering from pain, cancer and seizures .


I followed the link you posted on my article. Damn, the cannabis fairy treats you right on the other side!

Haha, " cannabis fairy ". .. That made me laugh. Thanks eh, I followed you as well.

Back in the 90's this was THE strain to get in my area. It would always come with a warning of it's potency. While it's definitely a powerful strain I find the heavy indica properties too much for anything other than a pre-bedtime treat.

Be warned munchies and red eyes await those that smoke the chemo.

The detail of the trichomes in the first image is beautiful, nice shot!

Thank you I took it with a Nikon D3200 18-55mm .