Charlotte's Web

The most famous marijuana medical miracle is Charlotte's Web strain. Charlotte Figi suffered greatly from seizures. The only relief she had was from marijuana. It is currently grown in greenhouses in Colorado Springs, Colorado. So, many children can benefit from the wonderful little plant. This is a prime example of the FDA controlling a proven drug that can relieve seizures, and is not available across the nation. It has recently been allowed to be grown and sold in California. These are the only two states that legally have Charlotte's Web. Taking any marijuana product across state lines is prohibited, because marijuana is still considered a Schedule A drug nationally.

The plant oil is extracted and given to the patient. The patient does not smoke the bud. It can be given discreetly. Charlotte's Web is not a cure for seizures. It is a product that helps control the seizures. If you are looking for a cure, this is not it. If you want your child to function normally throughout the day until a cure may be found, this is a product you should seriously consider. Currently, there are other marijuana products that are being investigated. Charlotte's Web is the most famous, but others may be out there that may be beneficial to each individual. If one does not work, look for others that may.

Medicaid, Medicare, insurance, etc... will not pay for this treatment. This is an out of pocket expense. The Realm of Caring Foundation is a non-profit organization that benefits those who can not afford the price of the medicine.

(Back in the day, it was referred to as "hippie's disappointment". Because you did not get high.)

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