Sunset Sherbet & Sunset Painting

in marijuana •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hello Steemers, I want to share the amazing Sunset Sherbet by the Jungle Boys.

Sunset Sherbet is an Indica dominant hybrid. This strain is part of the Girl Scout Cookies family. This massively huge nug reminds me of this painting my cousin painted.

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Is it just delicious? The picture is great, too. @btcmillionaire


Tasty ?? I see it for the first time.eating this :))

Lol tasty as in smoking

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I did not hear it before. thanks information. it looks very nice. I want to try @gclipse @btcmilionaire

Lol tasty as in smoking

woww! Thank you very, very much. Is it real ? I cant believe. :) @btcmillionaire

Yes very Tasty

Yummy is the word for it @btcmillionaire

Jungle Boys have some fire smoke!

Yes they do

Nice photo @glipse


Love indicas. Very nice G and the nug is massive.


Wow,, very amazing post.


nice nugs! GS Cookies is one of those strains that just tastes way too good to 'use responsibly' for me, at least ... ;-)


Hey thanks for Following me! You need to come to Vancouver for some amazing green!

I herd soon will do

@gclipse great work!


What a nice talent congratulations 👏🙆‍♀️🤗


I've never heard of this. very interesting, thanks for sharing .

Np tnx for upvote

Picture 😍😍
Sherbet stress, pain and depression are good, right?

Yes it is good

Oh, thank you. :)

You welcome where r u from?