Why is CBD Oil So Popular Among Non-Stoners?

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Even if you're not into marijuana or hemp, you've probably noticed all the buzz about CBD over the past couple of years. Even celebrities like Joe Rogan and Kirsten Bell have advocated the use of CBD as a health supplement. On a more profound level, lots of bloggers and social media influencers have also shared their support to their followers.


Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD oil, is simply an extract from the cannabis plant and is not some lab-made elixir. It is one of the many common cannabinoids found in marijuana or hemp, and even recreational smokers will get hefty doses of it.

The craze behind taking CBD oil as a is that it can be done legally in most places and won't get you high due to the lack of THC. Besides vials of pure extracts, you may find it as an ingredient in novelty snacks, dog treats, shampoos and other whacky ideas people have come up with.

Cannabis For Regular Folk

While a large portion of the population is now OK with the legalization of marijuana, your average person doesn't care so much about using it. Not only is there the negative stigma attached to it, some people are simply not interested in getting high or trying anything drug-related.

The marketing craze behind CBD has been quite the contrary. Most people know it comes from cannabis, but many are still interested in the health benefits of taking the oil as an oral supplement. Even though some claims of CBD have been quite wacky, like being a cure for cancer, there are studies proving it's anti-inflammatory effects that can fight a variety of ailments.

As for it's "feel-good" effects, many people explain it as a body high that uplifts one's spirit. Instead of altering your mind and giving you munchies, you are more likely to feel soothed as if you just took a hot bath. This feeling alone is why some people claim CBD has reversed their social anxiety and inhibition.

It could easily be said that CBD has a placebo effect more than anything. A Potent media contributor shared her experience of quitting CBD Oil cold turkey, and her experience seemed quite the contrary of a placebo.

CBD has become so recognized that it's the main element that props up a lot of startup products. If you create a new CBD-infused ice cream, you can bet that the CBD oil will be the sole source of popularity, with its flavor aside.

Of course, from a business perspective, it could just be a short-term fad like avocado toast or oat milk in coffee. I would imagine lots of people getting sick of CBD-infused everything on store shelves and local restaurants and will grab onto another fad ingredient. After all, there are other cannabis-related products on the horizon now that governments are loosening their grip on the legal cannabis industry.

Do any fellow Steemit users have experiences with CBD oil they would like to share? Feel free to discuss it in the comments down below.

CBD oil does seem to be a great pain reliever for people.

Hey! CBD is great and relaxes you, plus so many benefits without the felling of being stoned. Lots of people just fell uncomfortable when consuming high THC. So with CBD you can get the benefits of cannabis without the THC. Me personally i love a 4:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Meaning for every 4mg of CBD there is 1mg of THC. Works wonders for stress!

So I dont know if you are aware, but there is a front end specifically for cannabis now, Weedcash. You can either log in directly over there with your Posting key, or just post from Steem and use the tag #weedcash.

CBD is a great part of the Cannabis plant. There are many benefits to using it, with/or without also using THC heavy cannabis.
It can be made into just about anything as you mentioned.
I use it in a topical for rubbing sore muscles. I also have taken orally for a relief from anxiety.

Thanks for sharing. I recently ordered some CBD oil to see if it has any effect on my social anxiety. Perhaps I'll make a post in the near future on how it goes.

I encourage you to share your experience. I look forward to hearing about it.
Have you heard of the Canna Curate community here? Great place for cannabis enthusiasts & people looking to learn and share about the related topics of cannabis.

I actually didn't know about Canna Curate until you mentioned it. Thanks.

Yet the fascists here in my AZ county (Yavapaii) would like nothing better than to go after CBD products and users and throw every other cannabis user into prison.

That sucks. CBD is still isn't technically legal in my country, but customs are still letting us import it in the meantime.

I used CBD oil some time ago. I was quitting weed, THC, and I needed to have something to take the edge off of my back pain. It is a soft and constant pain. CBD either in itself OR as a placebo, definitely helped with giving me that 'body high'.
I think it has merit as a supplement and I'm glad to see more familiarity with it.
Thank you for sharing with us!

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I would for sure use the #weedcash or #canna-curate tag to replace the marijuana tag.

I use cbd 15mg daily for my adhd instead of retalin.
1 drop in the morning coffee and 1-2 drops before going to sleep.
It helps a lot with adhd and sleeping :D

Wow, when a poorly-written bunch of disjointed thoughts, and a photo taken from somebody else, add up to $28, you know steemit makes sense!

I usually take a tincture or chewing gum to relieve body pain when I use CBD. However, this product surprised me. As someone who does a lot of exercise and strength training, I was very excited to try this PreHemptive cream to see if it would help with the muscle pain resulting from these activities. I was happy to find out that it does help with these pains, and pretty quickly. If you are sensitive to certain smells, you may want to avoid these products. Overall, I found that this product smelled better and provided better pain relief for muscle aches and pains. You would also do well to learn about environmental sustainability https://www.science20.com/mark_pierce/is_the_cbd_industry_environmentally_sustainable-254436.

The main benefit of using CBD oil is obviously the fact that it has all the benefits of cannabis, but it doesn't have a psychoactive effect. I used to take CBD oil myself, and I really liked it. But then I discovered this article, and I decided to try CBG. It's pretty similar, but the benefits of this supplement were more suitable for me, so I take it to this day.

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