Cannabis growing is hard work.

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Hey guys and girls. Before you go grab a pot and some weed seeds and throw them into your mom basement. You might want to read this quick article/opinion on what might be in store for you. When I first got into weed growing I thought hey free money from selling what I like. herb! Like money doesn't grow on trees, watch me! As I got schooled on how to do it though. Things couldn't be further from what I thought. IT IS NOT EASY. not only do you have to find a spot to grow. The dirt has to be moved and the environment has to stay stable. You have to build a foundation and elevate it in some cases to prevent certain problems from arising. aka water leaks in pots and a ton of other things. For instance if you grow indoors the ighting costs bank. I mean think about it you are growing with lights that are on for hours at a time and they are not week lights. The lights have to mimic the Suns rays all lights have to be on timers and they can only be so close to the plant. You have to setup a hydro location on site wich is a nightmare in itself and also have to come up with a way to cool everything. After you grow the plants have to be gclipped and hung in a dark place and the manicuring process begins. This can be very time consuming and hurt your hands from all the cutting you have to do. Want to talk about a way to get arthritus. I know you can just smoke that weed and cure the pain a little bit but still clipping leafs off of thousands of buds can be a tedious process. Not only on your mind from sitting so long but the overall need to trim so the bud can go up for sale. Nobody wants a bud that looks like it still has the leaves all over it and that's something most people don't even think about while consuming it. Overall weed growing is a pretty cool thing but when it comes down to legality of each operation it can also be a real stresser. There are always two sides to a story and I have seen both manifest themselves. Growing weed sucks. and that's coming from someone that's been around it.

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very useful! thank you