What is Autoflower Cannabis?

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Most people only have heard of the two major strains Indica and Sativa..
Have you heard of the long lost strain Ruderalis? Also known as dwarf cannabis.

Until now this strain wasn't commonly used do to it's low thc content but high cbd content
Originated in Mexico and parts of the Middle east this strain is now cross bred with high yielding strains
to up the thc content.. The beauty behind this plant is that It flowers from seed to bud in 3 months or less!
The best part is any amateur can grow it, because it dosen't need to change light cycle either! You can put
as much as you want, the more the better or just keep it by your window.
The smell is known to be really skunky but also a hint of citrus.
You can order these seeds from most dutch seed shops. I haven't seen any here in the United States dispensaries
so the Dutch market must have them on lock down.

Doesn't grow any bigger than 3 ft.

Blue Mystic AutoFlowerbluemystica.jpg

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