The Magic of Terpenes

in marijuana •  5 months ago

Many people are aware that the THC in marijuana is the part that gets you "high", but ultimately lets look into what really drives the "high" of our favorite flower ;)


Terpenes are built out of "lego blocks" called Isoprene, the number of isoprenes that build up a "terpene" determines the kind of terpene it is. A "mono-terpene" has 2 units of isoprenes a "seq-terpene" has 3 units of isoprene.

These aromatic compounds which are basiclly alchohols, can cause a wide range of effects and health benefits.

Here are the test results from DNA seeds kosher OG kush

and here are the results from a White Widow sample

Pinene is probably my favorite of the terpenes, When shopping for tree's I try to smell for something with that pinene stench, like gorrilaglue #4 or a good OG kush.

Pinene has a stimulating effect, which i believe to have caused the whole "sativa" being a day time weed shpeal~, While also having effects on memory and mood enhancing effects as well. Its also quiiiteeee tasty ;)
Inhalation of α-pinene and limonene, which are major components of wood odor, decreased systolic blood pressure [14]

B-Mycrene has a host of benefits, most quoted is its property of "synergizing" with other terpenes and cannabinoids and helping them cross the blood brain barrier... But theres very limited science on the topic.

Myrcene also showed powerful anti-inflammatory and anticatabolic effects in a human chondrocyte model of osteoarthritis (Rufino et al., 20

I'll do a more in depth post about individual terpenes at a later date.

Cheif on ;)

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great analysis, would love to do experiements of my own once the wicked empire of babylon is out of the way in my jurisdiction

I never even heard of terpenes, but I'm pro THC/cannabis. Thanks for the knowledge.


The more you delve into terpenes, the more you will utilize them in shopping for trees, and if you catch it like I did.... youl have a diffuser of limonene and pinene in your room in no time ;)

happy days ;)
thanks for droppin by

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Terpenes compounds has a lot of health benefits both as an anti-inflammatory agent against diseases. Which particular compounds in terpenes causes dizziness @cryptohustlin


maybe high doese of mycrene? or linalool? have you gotten dizzy?

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The essential medicinal qualities got from cannabis are sourced from auxiliary metabolites including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. A more profound comprehension of the science and restorative capability of terpenoids mixes can possibly uncover to new medications in chemotherapy, fit suppressants etc

"B-Mycrene has a host of benefits, most quoted is its property of "synergizing" with other terpenes and cannabinoids and helping them cross the blood brain barrier." Maybe this is why I always liked Gdp so much. I know that it's THC content often isn't as high as a lot of strains but I have argued that the buzz is "better" in some ways.


I prefur strains with modest mycrene ammounts, and extremely high pinene and limonene contents.

Nothing like that high where you feeled inspired and alive.


Haha I get you but I have always liked that heavy couch lock kind of stuff lol.

You have amazingly abstracted out the full DNA of weeds.

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Fragrance companies should look into extracting terpenes from different cannabis strains


Most terpenes are found in much higher quantities in other plant sources, humolene is found in hops, pinene in pine trees, limonene from citrus rinds......

you can buy specific strain fragrances on amazon already, just type in "true terps"


Yeah I agree with you, thanks @cryptohustlin.

Interesting article on the science behind the weed. 🙂

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