Breaking Down Stereotypes Contest Winners

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I love breaking down stereotypes. It brings so much change to people when you blow their pre-determined judgments away.

As a result of my love for breaking down stereotypes, I will be sponsoring an ongoing contest and related content series that exposes certain stereotypes and hopefully helps break them down with fun and useful information. The more support of these Breaking Down Stereotypes posts, the more the Steemian who helps us break down these stereotypes will get rewarded.

The first Breaking Down Stereotype contest was to guess how many blunts I have smoked since my time on Steemit. My goal is to show that people's preconceived notions like the following are meritless:

  • You smoke cannabis, you must be lazy.
  • You smoke cannabis, you must be dumb.
  • You smoke cannabis, you must not be doing anything with your life.


I am hope by me revealing how much I smoke and still publish all the content I do, be apart of the @ocd , @spl , and Rap Challenge, and respond to 99% of comments that I can help break down these stereotypes about cannabis.

I ripped off a piece off each cigarillos since I joined Steemit to keep track of how much I smoke. The amounts of blunts is a good measure of how much I smoke because I really don't smoke joints or out of glass bowls or bongs.

So who was the lucky winner?

Out of 34 responses, @happymoneyman with the guess of "152 blunts.... for the win" as he said.

And wow was he so right. As you can see below, the amount of blunts I have smoked since I joined Steemit is 146:


146 blunts / 38 days = an average of 3.842 blunts per day all while doing all that I do.

Congratulations again to @happymoneyman for the correct response and the win of 5 SBD.

Hopefully, this real-life case study will help break down the negative stereotypes about cannabis and maybe shine light that everyone is different and maybe a plant grown by mother nature might just be alright :)

This Breaking Down Stereotype Contest was inspired by @tuck-fheman a fellow stereo-breaker as well. Show him some love as he is truly one of the Leaders of Steemit.

Stay tuned to the next Breaking Down Stereotype Contest where we will have some fun breaking down fitness stereotypes.

Remember the more support on these Breaking Down Stereotype posts, the more the Steemian who helps us break down stereotypes will be rewarded with.


Thank you as always for your time and attention.

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NO WAY! Unbelievable. I can't believe I won.

I think it's rad that you're breaking down stereotypes.
It's wonderful to see a hard-working, motivated person getting the word out.

Thanks for charging the way as a free-thinker. Cheers my friend.

Ayyyyy right my friend holy wild is that. I had to keep my mouth shut when you commented what you commented. I was like holy shit how did he know :)

And you're welcome buddy glad I can help out in some way, you are much appreciated

Rad, you totally made my day. Thank you.
I knew all that Sublime music would come in handy someday.

Keep working hard on your page. You're an inspiration for me.

Ayyyy I am so glad to hear that buddy and I actually played that song earlier today and I got such amazing vibes so thank you again.

I appreciate those words, means the world to me

I can’t wait for the fitness one! Are you going to shatter the ‘If your name is Arnold, you must be a muscular dude?’ ;-)

Ayyy exactly exactlyyyyyyyy :)))

followed , resteeemed and what you r doing is propablly the the SOUNDEST thing i have ever heard, propa respect brudda , see u soon

Ayyyyyyyyy I appreciate you buddy.

u just made my night , sweat steems.

Ayyy wow thank you for that positive energy, you too :)

u r more than welcome , my dear friend

how many blunts u rip a day?

Average of four a day but for real I think it's usually like 6-8 a day

This was fun, good content and informative aswell. I really like these, keep 'em coming! YeuhYeuh!

ayyyyyy YeuhYeauhhhhhhh!

I really appreciate those words. Let's blow these people's programming