Speak Easy Smoke Club, Company Party. Colorado Springs

in marijuana •  3 months ago

Today I take you on a tour of a marijuana smoke club in Colorado Springs. Tonight was a company get together for JP wellness and all of our employees for such hard work. It’s a cool place, check it out.

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It was a good time for sure!

I wish they had one in New York City, I’d probably live there 🔥🍾


They are all over the place here.

Wao such a memorable movements sir....i will watch your full video....great start of your video....very great places....Amazing club....everybody are so enjoying....broncnutz you are rock....club looks so beautiful....great duck game...valuable time sir....great food....great setting of this club...wonderful announcement from you....everyone so enjoying....such a great party....had a great fun all of you...thanks for sharing...

Buen video, veo que fue un buen momento para ustedes!

Ummmm...why didn't i get an invite to your company party??? I know I'm not technically an employee but still... LOL Looks like a fun place!

hehe here where I live there is no place so one can be distracted I would love to know one, I hope you enjoyed it

@broncnutz Its really a cool place. Enjoy ur time. Hopes I will get a chance to visit such place.

This is a great tour thanks for the video.

This is the cool place i have ever seen,thanks for the video.

This is really cool sir enjoy your amazing day.

Great party enjoy your day @broncnutz.

Wow .. This looks cool @broncnutz !!

In my country, marijuana is prohibited. Whatever form of use. It used to be around the year (1997-2000), when there was a conflict, the cannabis plant was planted freely here, I like the aroma. But, now marijuana is completely banned in my country.

Great tour I've found with your video.

You upvoted my steemhunt post and i must confess, it meant a lot for me, just want to say thank you. I know you enjoying your day

Great place for marijuana addict's, wonder it's legal in some places.

Yap I agree with you this is a suitable and attractive place

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It looks like an really cool place to hang around and have a smoke ot two.

Party Party Party I Love these kind of parties.

Looks too cool thanks for sharing that exclusive video :D

That is some cool place @broncnutz cool place for some like-minded for MJ aficionados to hang around.


I never been in there before tonight, it is a cool place.

That looks like a cool place. I hope you enjoyed your party! There were so much munchies haha! Thanks for sharing this experience! Have a wonderful day!

this place is good and beautiful so i am agree with you

It's like stoner heaven...I yearn for the day it's fully legal on the east coast to the point we can have clubs like this. Thanks for sharing BroncNutz.

Very enjoyable place .

You are having amazing time dear friend have a great day.

You enjoy your great tour very interesting video friends I am new in steemit and no one is up vote me and I don't no how people up vote on my hard work which I was completing on steemit


You need to buy a little SteemPower if you can . It will help a lot. Just keep posting and stay active, it is not an easy process. Just think about how much social media you did in the past for free.

The Smokers Life

Smoking also has a club. The club is very beautiful.

they are soo cool they are doing great

yes sir,this place is really pretty good 👍🏻