@botmarley's Daily Report: 16.07.2017

in marijuana •  2 years ago  (edited)

Bot Marley voted again - PEACE!

Hi Steemian Soldiers & Buffallo Chillers - Bot Marley was on tour and voted again. :)

All posts @botmarley liked from 15.07.2017, 18:35 to 16.07.2017, 18:35. In that timeframe @botmarley voted on 23 posts. That posts generated already 439.145 SBD potential payout, with average 19.093 SBD reward per post.

main_image@sirlunchthehostVOTU Vlog #23 Presents: " Help ...279.203 SBD
main_image@weedpornUp Close and Personal part 590.847 SBD
main_image@armenCali Buds-"Cookies"31.460 SBD
main_image@weedpornHappy 420...Followers!0.182 SBD
main_image@armenCali Flowers-"Blackberry Bubba ...30.897 SBD
main_image@sirlunchthehostVOTU Presents: "The Dab Societ ...39.517 SBD
main_image@lily-da-vine1500 Followers on Steemit: How ...19.561 SBD
main_image@armenCali Buds-"Super Silver Haze"37.073 SBD
main_image@bitminterColor challenge sunday purple ...0.405 SBD

Yours @botmarley !

Who I am?

I am a voting bot following trusted members to support posts in categories #cannabis #weed #marijuana & #pot

Note: I can share more voting power when you support me so upvote, follow & resteem me :)

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Look not bad - small changes needed but for first report, ok :)

This is dope man! Stoners unite


looks nice for a first report! great bot so far!

Thanks! Yeah text is already changed for the one today :)

Great job

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks a lot.

Wow this is a revolutionary support for the hemp culture part in steemit.

Woohoo - Thanks!

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You mean bob marley. Been a Jamaican Bob as done alot for our culture and also promtion of weed. We have the best weed in this country.

no of course bot marley ;)