Gold Joint ~ Burn Slow.

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24 karat Gold Joint Burns The Slowest.

Cannabis Strain is know as Skywalker.

~Mellow Taste~


We've been curious about those gold papers. They look cool, but are they safe to smoke? Maybe just for special occasions :)

It’s gold edibles it’s proven to be safer and better then any paper

Yes it’s for special occasions just the paper cost is 15 USdollars

Where do you get 24k gold papers? I would love to try a golden J.


From most USA smoke shop

Gold addition for royal class mode!

This gsc with hash oil is more effective, just smoking....

Pretty awesome post @armen.

Thanks for sharing.

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Pretty awesome post @armen.
Its so great to see your post.☺

Hell yeah! Love it @armen! Come join us and @canna-curate! Would love to have you on our show! We are doing daily shows now!

And while totally cool... I wouldn't smoke a gold foil joint! Something just wrong about the idea. Or actually digging for the stuff! My first nugget had enough gold to make one of those papers!

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wohhaaa that's creativity on another level right there :D

Wohhhh that's gold in the air cool shot !!!

Very good posts, hopefully a successful brother is always in esteem

Amazing photography @armen!!
Very impressive post.😍🤗💚💙