Cannabis Masterpiece Bong

in #marijuana4 years ago


Pure American Made Glass.

Expensive Masterpiece.

Great Smokes Come From Great Bongs.



That’s a nice looking hubbly bubbly . Cheers mike

Thank you

Impressive bong!

Yes it is thank you

Wow totally amazing and beautiful bong :)

Thank you

this is something creepy by looks haha but hot for smokers right ?


Thank you

I'm impressed
It's really....Perfect review and I agree

Thank you

that's epicly epic looking great :)

Thank You

Looks like dragon feat post Armen

Tnx gclipse

Wow!! Beautiful picture of cannabis masterpiece. Amazing one!! @armen!😍💚💙💜

Never smoked from a piece of art like that. The bud is fantastic looking too.

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