stone, love and history city: MARDIN

in #mardin6 years ago

It is an important open air that can be blended in many things related to Mardin, Subari, Sumerian, Akad, Babylon, Mitans, Assyrian, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Arabian, Seljuk, Artuklu and Ottoman periods which have been inhabited in classical sense starting from 455 BC. the museum is.

The most beautiful silver workmanship in the world is done in Mardin.

Different beliefs live together in Mardin ...

Nusaybin (beyaz su ava spi)


That's a great series of photos. It certainly makes me want to visit Turkey. Everything looks casual and relaxed, although I'm guessing it's bustling city. But I'd like to experience eating next to the river too. It looks like a fantastic place to visit.

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