March Madness!!

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Dear reader, 'scuse me whilst I poke and prod at you and try to convince you of my dreams of a March Madness.

March Madness!?

Yes -- March Madness! 😁

What the heck am I talking about? Why, November's #freewritemadness inserted into the month of March of course. Brilliant, yes?



I wrote a little something about it a fortnight ago. Recap -- click here!



If enough people are interested and #freewritemadness starts again, I'm planning on adding 20 Steem to the pot. Also, as last time, there'll be SBI shares for those actively following my story! Woo!

If not enough people are interested... I'll be doing #marchmadness anyway! Muahahaha! There won't be a pot to share in, but I'll still reward those who are following the story in a shower of SBI shares.

⭐My Personal Madness⭐

I am dreaming dreams of non-stop writing, drama, heart-break, tears and fears, and maybe a few fossils.

The non-stop writing, heart-break and tears are mine; the drama, fears and fossils belong to my protagonist -- Henry.

Here we have a lesson in evolution. When I first thought up Certain Chaos, it was your typical semi-realistic fantasy set in the Elizabethan era. Somehow, in my mind, it has transformed into a semi-fantastical modern-day apocalyptic adventure.

I'll blame the fact that I've been playing some Fallout 4 when I get the chance, but it is what it is. Thanks, brain, for being so easily swayed. 😉


Everything else so far has remained vaguely the same as I wrote in the last post:

In Certain Chaos, we will follow two noblemen who were forced into servitude --Henry Wylswoode and Sebastian Bedgbury-- and watch as their adventure unfolds with the help of the #freewrite prompts.

There is an ancient, long-dead race that has technology buried deep beneath the earth. A bizarre machine has allowed a Lord to become like an immortal... a machine that will be capable of much more under the control of someone with advanced knowledge, someone who has dedicated their life to studying the ancient technology. The servants have stolen a vital part of said machine and are ready to hand it over to another Lord in exchange for their stolen nobility. And there is a witchy woman who worships celestial beings and wants that stolen power for her own purposes.

Ghosts, spirits, elemental creatures, murder, mayhem!

It's only the setting that has changed, and the men we're following are no longer noblemen.

I have this crazy idea... I want to write this upcoming story in present tense and in first person. I've had a few random sentences pop into mind and they're all not like my usual style. That scares me a bit, but it'll all work out... I hope. 😁 We'll see what happens once March comes.

(I also had this crazy non-story related idea to start a homemade candle business online. That was snuffed out when I realised how prohibitive postage costs are and that I'd have to be local only and actually deal with potential customers face-to-face. So, as we can see, not all crazy ideas are keepers, haha!)


So far I'm thinking Carrington Event x 100,000. A solar storm that is still ongoing years later. Will it ever end? Who's to say! The intensity of the event has warped life as we know it, and some people were "lucky" enough to be warped themselves, gaining abilities akin to the magic of ye olde fiction. The Lords.

This sentence was one of the ones that popped into mind that I -had- to quickly jot down before it disappeared:

‘The powers that be’ have quite literally become the powers we fear and we bow to their whims like the pathetic mortals we are, perhaps the pathetic mortals we always have been.

I can't wait to use it! 😃

Only a few more weeks 'til March arrives -- I'm excited!😁 (I know, I know; the excitement will be depleted by Day 7)

Are you interested in a March Madness? Be sure to let @mariannewest and the @freewritehouse know! Let's make this Madness madder than the mad madness of before! Let's all be mad writers; mad, rad, and possibly unclad! 😉 Madness is best served alongside similarly-minded cohorts (and a glass of wine).




Half Past the Moonfall - now available on Amazon!

More options coming April 2019



March Madness worded image created by meeee

The liner is courtesy of pixabay and bastardised by me.

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I think we can, I think we can. Now, that the delegation rush is over - let's get started in promoting this!! Also will use Twitter to see if we can get some more takers...


I'm interested! raising hand and hopping up and down


Woohoo!! 😁


We can do it!! :D


Yes, we can!!!!!

Crazy as it seems, I'm all up for a bit of madness in March. Mind you, that maybe because we're in February and so the distance is making me feel like it's doable. :)


Another mad writer approaches! 😆

Ooooh... doable... there's an extra day in March too 😊 which makes it just slightly more doable than November!! Hehe.

We're already a few days into february, 😱 time is flying!

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I'm in for sure. Thanks to @mariannewest for keeping me in the loop. I did my first November Madness last year and though I did not make the 50,000 mark, I proud to say that I did more soul writing than I ever did in one month.

Love to start soon..


Fantastic! ~ I'd love to start soon too... March is soon, but not soon enough. :D

Sounds like fun, @kaelci! But... what does one actually do during March Madness?


Woops 😮, I was assuming this would really only be of interest to those who did this in November. And if enough people raised their tentative hands (we have a few now! Yay!!), a more indepth post would be written at the @freewritehouse to attract more attention and get the goal posts placed. 😊


#freewritemadness was nanowrimo with a #freewrite twist. And I'm hoping to rouse people into wanting to do it again in March under the moniker of #marchmadness.

Because we're all completely mad. And forgot how soul-wrenching the end of November was. And how we were out of juice by Day 7 or so.

👀 😵