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RE: March Madness - The Crumpled Letter Part Three

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Ooh, I know that feeling: the freedom to vacuum at any hour of the day, nobody to disturb. On the one hand it's sad that there's no longer anyone to disturb. On the other hand, it's liberating.

From small but telling details, I gather this is set in pre-color-TV England. The radio. The use of hoover as a verb seems Brit. This is rich in atmosphere and music and literature. I love Doris!
I love this: “I’m not going to be scared about my future anymore!” she stated loudly to the empty house. The silence dented her new found confidence a little so she walked over to the radio and switched it on.


I like that you thought it was set so far back in time.

Doris is inspired by the women of my mum's generation, who played a big part in my upbringing. Mind you, none of them faced what Doris is now facing. Many remained locked in marriage.

The use of hoover as a verb seems Brit.

Caught, I'm a Brit. ;)

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