Love from Marawi

in marawi •  9 months ago

Its been two years since we met
Days have gone and true love is felt
Eventhough there were times we're apart
But the string love can stretch from afar

You and I had some arguments
But the end of the day our love fills
More of love and giggles
Less of stress and conflicts

In the future I saw you as my wife
With me caring the child throughout his life
That we will grow old and turn hairs into white
Til our bones hurts but still on your side

I believe that our love will grow strong
That our love string will keep on roll
We are apart but our hearts sing the same song
And hugs and kisses will blast as the time I came home

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sweet naman nurse...😊😊😊❤️❤️


Salamat @avhyaceulip! Ika nga po "do not stop courting". Hehe.


True ka dyan iilan n lang kayong ganyan including my husband hehehehehe

ku nga ay uwi na ikawwww... wag kana uli balik jan worry kami...


Malapit na ate @sugarrainbow! Hehe. Ok na pati naman dito.

Stay blessed, @nurseloriel . Napakadakila po ninyo :)


Maraming salamat po @bloghound!