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RE: I'm My Own Worst Enemy - Self-Critisism & Fear Of Failure

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I know how you feel. I'm experiencing that up until now, but I'm trying to mend my mindset too.

I am someone who has lots of thoughts and choices in mind, that sometimes it makes me do less, worst nothing. I became bad at decision making. I've been trying out things with no assurance of what could come up. I wanted to do what I love not what I should. I became someone who is far different from what they've known me. My edges are gone. I must admit, depression has affected me emotionally.

Someone like me who pretends to be strong in front of people I know needs a reminder like this. Having to read this post really strengthens someone who experiences such situation. I was, and many would.

I hope everyone will continue in believing in the beauty of their dreams. I have been, and will always.


Sound very familiar.
I have the tendency to overthink everything, which often takes me into a negative spiral of thoughts and conclusions.
I'm slowly, but surely battling my way out of a depression.
These last couple of months have taught me that there's no use in pretending to be strong if you're not - it only makes things more difficult.

Sometimes it is in the people around us. My dad is a perfectionist and that made me try my hardest. I'm always keen of what I'm doing. I was lost and trying to make the path I chose a right one. They say, a decision becomes wrong when it is not correctly justified.

"There's no use in pretending to be strong if you're not - it only makes things more difficult." - Thanks! I'll keep that in mind. Little by little, I should start redeeming myself too.

I’m only taking babysteps myself :0)
I had a mom who always told me that trying simply wasn’t good enough. I had to succeed in everything I did.
Which, of course, is impossible. She died more than 10 years ago, but I’m still trying to get rid of that mindset...

I'm sorry to hear that about your mom.

You see, perfection is a disease of a nation (from Beyonce's Pretty Hurts song), but we should strive to be best the way we are. By doing so, you're making your own mark. What is success if it's only you who know about it. (please don't get me wrong)

Steemit's vision is giving, not only writers but everyone, the courage to create their own mark by means of blogging. The beginning is always hard (that applies to everything), but still we should know how to eat an elephant. - by taking the first bite.

True, perfection doesn’t exist, and all we can be is the best version of ourselves at the time present.

Success is hard to define, because everyone has a different idea of what being successful is.

I like the expression about having to be able to eat an elephant - never heard it before, but it perfectly describes my SteemIt experience, lol

Yeah, it sounded funny when I heard it the first time. One of my professor who is a Christian Born Again asked us this. I was puzzled and thought of why eat an elephant. She meant the other way around and it was interesting.

If what's ahead is too big to handle, how would you start to deal with it? You should take the fist step no matter how little. Taking the initiative is a progress. Let that progress continue and before you know it, you've already made an accomplishment.

It’s a good way to deal with things :0)
I need to remember that...

Our thoughts sometimes really make simple things look complicated.

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