How do I become dominant in social situations where I tend to be verbally beaten up, put down, out argued, ignored, or people are too aggressive toward me?

in #manspreading7 months ago

I’m not going to tell you to spread out and take up lots of room.

I’m not going to tell you to get really buff and grow a beard.

I’m going to tell you to do something very simple, but first let’s address your statements below.

I get put down and outargued, I get ignored, people are too aggressive toward me. Also girls always love power and hate meekness. How do I become dominant?

From what you’re saying you’re treating social interactions like a debate room. I can imagine you’re trying to make yourself heard and to get noticed by women.

Don’t get it twisted; girls don’t love power, girls are attracted to power. There is a key difference because love means loving the person unconditionally, power or not. Hell, love means loving the person with no power literally, no electricity in the home, let alone influence in the world.

This is key for you to know, because if you commit to a relationship with a person that’s attracted to your power, as soon as anyone comes around that can further personal agenda, the person will leave you.

Domination comes from being grounded and present.

Instead of talking, listen more.

Ask questions, become genuinely interested in everyone else.

Be calm, cool & collect.

Everyone likes talking about themselves, be the person that doesn’t. Be the one that’s more interested in hearing ones story than actually telling your own.

Be super friendly, smile, make eye contact, never let anything get under your skin


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