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Part of the strategy of building value for manna is by holding other tokens in an effort to catch the appreciation of their pricing.

Steem offers the opportunity to add to our holdings simply by utilizing the platform. Along with everyone else on here, we are excited about the introduction of the Smart Media Tokens.

Thus far, we are able to accumulate a number of other tokens outside of steem. Here is what our present holdings on the Steem blockchain look like.

Steem - 1,169.064 Steem Power 51.706 Steem
Actifit - 6,352 AFIT
Steemhunt - 22,102.81 Hunt
Dlike - 23.7 DLike

Our goal is to keep adding to these token accounts along with other SMT opportunities as they become available. We see enormous potential in this blockchain and many of the applications that are appearing.
Over time, we feel this will provide a solid baseline value backing the manna token.

We do ask that anyone who is using that @actifit application and is interested in helping our cause, please select @mannacurrency in the charity section of the app.

All accounts are owned by the Manna Foundation, a non-profit US-based 501c3 corporation.

To contribute to the making of "UBI: Silver Bullet" go to:

To join the Manna Market on Facebook visit:

To get your weekly distribution of manna, sign up here:

For more information about the Manna Project and how you can contribute, visit

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I have tested the new iOS app yesterday and donated my tokens to you. Keep up the good the work!


Thank you @flauwy. It is greatly appreciated.

I would also suggest that people posting to Steemit from @steempeak could use the "beneficiary" function to donate a percentage of their post rewards to @mannacurrency.

As SteemPeak gets more traction (it's a HECK of a lot easier and more full-featured to use for posting than the main Steemit interface!) you might even consider making a post just about that.