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RE: Gilets Jaunes en France 2018

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Thank you so much for sharing this amazing post with us!

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Steem power is cheating. Some people have several hundred dollars for an article, while I make better articles than them and my articles do not rank well. So I'm completely demotivated to go get Steem power. Steemit is not well done for people who have little steem power. It's completely out of control and the like doesn't pay off

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Thank you so much for replying this message using Partiko! We would argue that more Steem Power allows you to comment more, therefore you can make more friends.

The importance of building friendship is highly undervalued on Steem. It's really important because a lot of times, people get upvotes from their friends, not because they wrote something amazing.

Hopefully that makes sense to you!

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Yes, it makes sense. Like have a meaning. I love Steemit because it's the future of networks. I will add it to my article "help faq steemit", your application.

And your application gives me a notification, it helps a lot. All good for the blockchain!

Glad we can help! If you make your first Partiko post, and add partiko-firstpost tag, we will be very happy to delegate 15 Steem Power to you to help you make more comments!

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Should we leave the required signature, which indicates that we are posted with the application ?

Here I posted an article gros the application.

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