Mangosteem - Let's get some channels going

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It has been 2 days since the Mangosteem project was announced...

And the feedback from the community has been outstanding.
Thanks to you all for expressing such interest in the project.

Perhaps the most common question that I have been asked is...

"How can I get #MyOwnDamnChannel on Mangosteem?"

Let's fix that by adding a few new channels!

Disclaimer: Beginning next week I will be revamping the code base. As part of this process I will revisit the underlying channel design and it may be altered such that ALL channels are hosted under the @mangosteem account. If this turns out to be the case any channels created using the process below will also be added to the new system.

Here is the current process for adding new channels...

Step 1

Obtain yourself a fresh Steem account that has not been used to comment elsewhere on the network. Steem accounts are available for 10 Steem through Anon Steem.

Under the current design it is important that you do not make additional comments otherwise the chat archive may be corrupted with messages not pertaining to the conversation. A clean account is best.

Step 2

Make a single blog post with the title:
"Mangosteem Message Archive"

And the tag:

The body content of this post is not important, but you may wish to add something about the purpose of the post. See the #General Channel for example.

Step 3

Edit the host account's public profile settings to name the channel, add a description, and add an avatar if you wish.

  • The Display Name setting for the account is the name of the channel
  • The About setting is the channel description
  • And the avatar... well it's the avatar :)

IMPORTANT: You must add a channel name by updating the Display Name setting otherwise your channel will be filtered out of the channel list.

Step 4

Well this one is on me. I need to manually add each host account to the site. For the time being we will do this with the comments on this post.

I will add a comment below that says, "MANGOSTEEM CHANNELS". After following the aforementioned process reply to this comment with:

  1. @theNameOfYourHostAccount
  2. The channel title
  3. And anything else you wish to mention about the channel

I will begin creating new channels as soon as tomorrow evening. Highly upvoted channel comments will receive priority.


Preemptive Notes (for the Haters):
Mangosteem in its current state is a prototype. I am aware that the process outlined above is complete garbage; however, I also think that it is beneficial at this stage of development because an over abundance of channels would render the app completely useless given the lack of notifications, mentions, etc. Please rest assured that development will proceed over the coming months and hopefully we will establish several solid channels for Mangosteemians in the meantime.
Thanks again to all for the feedback!



Hey @mynameisbrian, the gaming account is all setup and good to go. I followed the steps you mentioned in your post.

  1. name of the host account is @ms-gaming
  2. channel title is #gaming
  3. The channel is meant for discussions about gaming -no post promotions
  1. @phchat
  2. Philippines
  3. Chat channel for the Philippines.

Very good. I am out but will add this channel when I return this evening. Thank-you.

  1. @foodchannel
  2. Food
  3. A place for foodies to chat.
  1. @ms-homesteading
  2. #Homesteading
  3. Homesteading, sustainable living, prepping, off-grid and related topics.


You can remove the # from the channel name if you like

Thanks for recommending the topic! Time to let the homesteaders know there's another forum for homesteading - Mangosteem! @ironshield

1 The name of the host account is @thepagedwellers
2 channel title is #alternative-music
3 This is a place to discuss alternative music - indie, rock, electronic, acoustic, jazz, rap, whatever!

  1. @ms-japan
  2. #japan
  3. 日本語チャンネル
  1. @lifetools
  2. LifeTools
  3. Werkzeuge für Ihr Leben // Tools for Life

Thank you - fantastic project! :) <3

Yes, please! Give LifeTools a chat <3

I just reviewed this account and there is some non-mangosteem activity already present. This will likely result in the chat archived being corrupted with messages from outside the chat. I'm going to postpone adding this channel until I implement a redesign of the chat archive design. Thanks for your patience.

  1. @revista-por
  2. revista-por
  3. Tu nueva fuente de información y entretenimiento

I am having issues with the account I set up for a channel. I got approval email and password but when I try to sign in it says username does not exist... I have emailed support but am not getting any help... Any ideas? I message @mynameisbrian with the username. Thanks.

hey wholesomeroots, how did you set the account up, anonsteem or Steemit? If you got the approval from [email protected] and click the link things should be in order. Make sure you are not logged in with your own account though. If you have chrome use the incognito function

Thank you so much! Incognito worked!!!

No problem my man, I hope that you channel is added soon.

  1. @bitboost-esp
  2. BitBoost
  3. A Global Blockchain-Based Marketplace with low fees and without interference or censorship.

Keep up the great work. I have made some suggestions to MangoSteem in my post.


  1. Make the process of creating a channel easy.
  2. Ability to use the slider while up-voting a chat.
  3. Simplify the process of creating a channel. You can actually have a bidding 4. system to create a channel and use that Steem for the development of the project.
  4. Make the channel description more visible.
  5. Allow editing of chats for at-least first 5 mins. Since it is a comment it can be edited for 7 days.
  6. Threaded reply in chats could be great.
  7. Ability to sort the chats based on popularity like we can do in comments.
  8. Ability to make a comment a sticky post for the creator of the channel. He can use this for promotions etal and if anybody is thankful for the channel they can upvote that particular comment.
  9. Work around for the 20 sec comment/chat posting limit.

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Mangosteem is really a nice idea .

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Just joined! :)

@mynameisbrian great project

Nice post! I started follow you! Cheers.

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Hi @mynameisbrian! This sounds like a great idea. If I haven't used my current steemit account for any chats on Mangosteem, can I create a new channel with it?

I'm a bit of a newbie on Steemit and can't really spare 10 Steem for a second account.


  1. @ms-thailand
  2. Thailand
  3. Chat channel for the Thailand.

Everybody gets a Nickel! 5 cent upvotes for everyone whop supports mangosteem project yaaaay !

I had this idea like many others and im glad someone actualy did something about it! eventually we will have it as nice as Discord but all on steem blockchain so we can upvote each other etc (these are ideas everyone eventyually gets while using discord after using steemit!

Thanks Brian, I gotta check out Mangosteem! Peace

Users can create their own additional accounts by the way, the minimal fee is 6 STEEM, and it goes into their new account as SP. They can use Steemconnect to do that, it's easy. Check @timcliff's guide.

Thanks @mynameisbrain for your sharing. I hope you will always updating this mangosteen. As for newbie in steemit, this kind of information is the thing that I am looking for. I am following you and looking for new information from you.
Best regards

I propose that everyone can create a channel by adding the tag [Mangosteem channel] in a post.

Is it planned for the future without a fresh Steem account that has not been used to comment elsewhere on the network?

Very cool, someone has to register the #deutsch channel... x)

Interesting information, thanks for sharing, regards


I'll wait for the new channel structure under one account to name my request :)

I think it will be better and easier to maintain all the stuff that will pour into chat under one account.

But I still don't know how the privacy part will be handled?

THIS IS SO AWESOME @mynameisbrian MANGOSTEEM for the win!

The ingenuity of Steemians knows no end! Good luck with your project.

Great post @mynameisbrian, I agree with what you write, it's very interesting, thanks for sharing that information , I follow you, we must support ourselves as a community, I appreciate it if you I would give me a look at my last post and give me your opinion, greetings and success in everything.