Homemade mango Ice cream it was creamy and sweety.

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How are you? I hope you are all very well. Welcome to my post. You can see today's post.

You can see how I made this wonderful mango ice cream. Mango season is going on in my city where I live now.

There is a lot of mango available now. You can now see the different types of recipes made from and with the name.

At this time I will try to show you all the dishes that I will make with mango and to make these dishes.

I need sweet mango ripe mango and sweet mango. This is what I need but it is available now.

Not because we had a storm here a few days ago and a lot of mangoes have been lost,

so ripe and sweet mangoes will be available in the market in a few days. Then you will see many recipes,

made with mangoes and I like you very much. Do you like to eat mangoes? let me know.

So before I tell you the food recipes I will tell you how I spent my whole day I woke up very early in the morning,

then I had to go to my bank very early today so I had a transaction in my bank what else have.

I been trying to do since last week I was doing it but it was not possible. I had to go this morning,

and the way coronavirus has spread has changed a bit within the banking hours. My younger sister ,

and I left the bank very early and when we got there we saw a long line. We had to stand there for a long time.

Then we went there to do the transaction and we got it done and when we got home we bought mangoes.

I bought the mangoes from a man on the side of the road who was selling mangoes.

The mangoes were very good and I bought them from the mangoes first,

because it looked very nice to me. And you bought them, so I bought them.




Then we came home and we ate a lot of mangoes together. I ate three mangoes alone.

My younger sister ate a lot. My older brother ate. We all ate a lot of mangoes while everyone in the house,

was watching TV. My younger sister gave me an idea of how to make food, but I made mango ice cream very quickly,

to make it the way it was made last year, so I can't make her mango ice cream with this fresh mango.

It's ice cream so it needs some artificial ingredients but I didn't use any color or chemical. A

ll I did was use Natural and healthy and it has been tested a lot and it has been very good for our health.

I am giving you a list in the form of a hope that you can make this wonderful mango ice cream at home if you want.

Ingredients for mango ice-cream

3-4 cups mango chunks , for fresh use very ripe OR frozen
2 tablespoons unsweetened milk of your choice (or filtererd/ bottled water) , plus more depending on consistency preferred
2 tablespoons maple syrup , optional or plus more depending on how sweet your mangoes are - you can also sub with any other sweetener you prefer or have on hand
14 ounce can of high quality organic full-fat coconut cream** , try to use a brand that does not contain any fillers - we like Trader Joe's or Aroy-D
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

So you saw the food I made today and I told you the recipe. I hope you all understand.

Please let me know your opinion in the comments. I hope you all like my post. I will see you again tomorrow.