Mandela Effect In Real Time!!! This Man's Bedroom Is Off The Hook!!!!

in mandelaeffect •  9 months ago

It appears that this man has discovered a dimensional portal of sorts in his bedroom. I do not know if these clips are real or not but I knew many of my subscribers would love to see this.

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Resteemed. I'm not sure if it's disturbing to see or awesome to see. I learned to read with the berenstein. Cause berenstein is a jewish last name and I thought it was funny to read about a bunch of jewish bears. I wouldn't have thought that at the age of 6-8 for benenstain. So, with distinct memories it's hard to let go. That said, I'm unsure what it means that it exists... another universe? Did I move universes? very odd.


I'm not sure if the video above is real or not but I have personally experienced the ME first-hand. This is sorta how it went down:

[March 2016 I call my sister to discuss: Interview with A Vampire & Sex in the City]

Me: Hey Sis, fill in the blank: "Interview with ____ Vampire."

Sis: A vampire

Me: Really? I've always remembered it with THE. Ok, fill in the blank for this show: "Sex __ the City"

Sis: In the city

Me: REALLY? I always remembered "AND the city" ...


Sex in the City is now called Sex and the City
Interview with a Vampire is now called Interview with THE Vampire

I call my sister and blow her mind when she realizes that the movie and show has changed back to the way I always remembered them ... I have not seen the titles change since then.


I made a survey and got over 50 thousand responses. It's not a memory thing from what I can tell. The people with photographic memories felt totally fucked.


It's definitely not a memory problem like others have claimed (e.g. Clif High).


Hi. I'm pretty sure it isn't real. I found the original here. The guy has 7 videos on his channel and they all include some sort of video effect. In this instance , going by the theme running throughout the rest of the videos on his channel, I'm inclined to believe he's just a VFX guy who started a creepy pasta video mystery channel.

This You Tuber gives you a good breakdown on how it could be done using motion tracking. As I also work in the same industry I tend to agree with him that it wouldn't be to hard to recreate with the right tools.

Still, either way it's an interesting story.

Well... there is this second, where the upper and lower side of the book disappear for a moment and reappear differently - I guess, this is not so complicated to fake, if you know how - but nicely done anyway!

Well done @moneybags73

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Pretty cool. My guess would be After Effects, though. It wouldn't be that hard to add the effects.

excellent your post dear......

Look up captain disillusion on youtube, he debunks the whole thing along with others.