❓ 10 Best New Mandela Effect Examples PROOF ❓

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Have You Experienced The Mandela Effect?

I learned about the Mandela Effect about 8 months ago and have been blown away by it. My Reality/Life is Changing...Is Yours? 🤷

⏰ Depending on what Universe you are in right now and where you have been will determine how you or I remember a certain event... ⏰

  1. Alice and Wonderland Quote
  2. Risky Business
  3. The Matrix quote
  4. Judge Judy
  5. King Tut Mask
    5 Sally Field
  6. Eli Whitney
  7. Statue of Liberty
  8. The Thinker Statue
  9. Dolly Braces - 007

I got this Video and Information from Hidden Knowledge on YouTube

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And occasionally I will throw in a Laugh 🤣

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