Mandala: The Remarkable Crypto Asset Exchange Platform

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Hello friends, today we would like to introduce a revolutionary crypto asset exchange platform that will offer robust solutions to existing issues in the market contributing to the further growth of the crypto community and fast spread and adaptation of the blockchain technology. The interest in the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology has risen rapidly in the last years along with the number of marketplaces and crypto asset exchanges all around the world. Although the challenge of availability and easy access to crypto assets have been overcome recently, various issues in the cryptocurrency world have to be resolved to ensure reliability and attractiveness.  

Fundamentally, crypto community members suffer from the absence of satisfactory trading instruments, healthy interaction environment, and security and transparency issues. New investors have to deal with the fraudulent activities of the some of the newbie exchanges. While most of the popular exchange platforms can manage millions of USD dollars worth of crypto assets, they are not able to provide sufficient and acceptable customer support and guidelines. Therefore, this type of problems damage the crypto community and slow down the process of further development and growth. At this point, Mandala team aims to create user-friendly, instructive, educational, and sophisticated crypto exchange platform utilizing the blockchain technology. Mandala refers to the universe in ancient Hindu, and Buddhist language underlines the vision of the blockchain promoting the global connection and interaction.       


Mandala exchange platform provides incredible services and features for the participants to overcome the current problems of crypto asset investors. Mandala introduces the advanced digital advisor and trading tools promoting the extreme risk and portfolio management solutions. Participants of the platform will be able to benefit from the comprehensive user guideline before moving onto further steps within the platform. Moreover, they will have the chance to resolve their issues or ask any relevant questions thanks to the strong customer support of the platform, so Mandala aims to prevent any incident that might result in panic, dissatisfaction or disappointment promoting the creation of a substantial Mandala community. In addition to these advanced features, Mandala intends to strengthen the platform prioritizing its revolutionary trade engine which is capable of 3M TPS (scalable to 10M TPS). Thanks to advanced technology and technical features of the trading engine, Mandala will prevent current vulnerabilities, cyber attacks, and loss of funds promoting the high security and customer satisfaction. Therefore, Mandala presents the leading and progressive systems of risk management and signaling, automatic trade assistant, simplified order books and portfolio view.     

Along with the existing members of the crypto community, new crypto enthusiasts, will be able to learn and fully understand the nature of the crypto assets, trading tools, advanced data, and signals efficiently eliminating the entrance barriers, so Mandala platform will accelerate the process of  spread of the cryptocurrencies and adaptation of the blockchain technology. Therefore, throughout their trading experience and learning period, participants will enjoy developed trading strategies, detailed guidelines, precise risk management options and low platform fees. Mandala team priorities the security, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, so users of the platform will take advantage of the advanced matching system, sophisticated APIs, financial integration, simplified user interface, excellent customer support, digital advisors, reliable signals, KYC and AML support, and openness to further development. Shortly, users will also benefit from the Mandala hard wallet enabling users to store their assets in cold storage.

MDX Token Sale  

Mandala introduces the MDX tokens which will boost the customer experience and satisfaction. MDX holders will be able to benefit from the platform features such as autonomous trade bot, trade signals, new and alerts, advanced analytics results, MDX marketplace and MDX social services. Holders will enjoy incredible profits with the growth of the Mandala platform.   



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