Man Crush Monday: Fun Time With @gee1

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I would like to appreciate @gee1 for bringing this here so we can show appreciation to those who have in one way or the other influence our lives. Appreciation is a check to determine those who have lost their minds. Ingratitude is a sign that a man has lost his senses, really. Appreciating those in our lives is a ground and a motivation to keep us humble, knowing we didn't get there by sudden flight, but by strategic people whom God has placed in our lives.

I would love us all to keep up with the fun lady: @gee1 in her own post here

Today's Man Crush Monday is none other than @tojukaka.


What can i say about you, brother that would justify how amazing you are? Your humility touches the sky and it pour down rain as relieve to lot of people. Your smile is so warm and your kindness is second to none. You are good at heart, and it is not surprising that you attract good things into your life, with lot of great people too. I admire your strength and energy in helping. I am in awe of the extra miles you go, just to enlighten and help people. You are a bundle of amazement and you deserve all the goodness that has come to you, and that will still come, by the virtue of your good heart, humility, and of course love for God's house and teachings.


I joined Steemit and you were the first person i was referred to by @kingsolo
I got your details and even on steemit i ran quickly to follow
Oh if this game was a crypto i know you would have learned more about it; polo hahaha
You provided a strong hand just to help and bear me up
I run to you every time i sense a mix up
Always there, you showed up to pick me up
I didn't get easily discouraged because you showed up
I bothered you with lot of Whatsapp messages but you didn't give up

with @gbenga

Thank you for being so kind, patient, nice and a strong voice of influence
You did it all out of your busy schedules and not out of convenience
You are always a vocal voice and you will never stay in silence
That is because you have depth and your influence spreads like fragrance
For every searching and willing heart to learn, you always give an audience
The whole world is so blessed and happy with your existence
Thank you for always showing great humility and patience
Meeting you is divine, never a mistake and it is not just a coincidence
You have the aura of blessing and you speak with great confidence
In whatever level of success attained, you will always be a great point of reference
You are a great man, and i am excited about your future as you will always make the difference.

with @phait and @ejemai

This can't do justice to how amazing you are, and i hope this makes you feel appreciated, no matter how little. Thank you for all you do. You will always be appreciated. Thank you, brother.

with Snazzzzzy!. Classy guy.

Happy Man Crush Monday, you deserve it and many more.




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Their progress on YouTube has been so impressive, I would love you to be a part and be another reason to make them push further. Thanks in advance.


Follow @sprtshub, @stach and to keep up with the amazing stuffs going on in this amazing community. Decentralizing the offline and making impact everywhere. I am glad to be a part and it would be nice if you would too.

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Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks, with speed and ease.

Still me,

My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content, in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.


Get a free Bible for your phone, tablet, and computer.

Lovely! I hope to become someone's mancrush someday.

You certainly will be. No doubt.

By the virtue of your write up he deserves the recognition, it is always good to appreciate people when they show good example so as to do more.

Always good to appreciate people like him, no doubt about that. He is always impressive. You should get to know him and you will know.

Thanks a lot for this.

The first time I met @tojukaka was when @kingsolo invited you and some other steemians to give lessons how steemit is useful and helpful to some upcoming steemians. I learned more about steemit when he gave speech then and I still met him on Ibadan steemit meet-up and still gain more

He's not the type that use upvote percentage, he gives 100% whenever he upvotes and this makes him different among others. He's so good and kind

He is an amazing man, a person i would gladly call a brother. He is unique and different. I admire him a lot. Glad you can see that too.

Thanks a lot for that.

You sound like a prophet and well said @olawalium, friends are clothes of life @tojukaka is a definition of blessings to humility

Absolutely!. He is a true definition of humility.

Thanks a lot brother.

What else can I say about @tojukaka, so many people had made you their crush and I read with gladness what they all have to say about you. It is no doubt that you have been a blessing to many and it keeps getting better. Keep on doing good bro. I want to be like you when I grow up.

His influence spread like fragrance. What a man he is.

Thanks a lot brother.

He deserves this and many more. Thanks for crushing.

No doubt about that, he deserves way much. He is a wonder man and thanks for accepting my harmless crushing hahahaha.

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