Uranium One! The Real Reason Manafort Was Arrested

in manafort •  last year

Jack Posobiec nails it in this one succinct tweet:

I’m told Mueller and Rosenstein scrambled to push up Manafort tax charges immediately after Uranium One FBI story broke


Put simply, Robert Mueller is the fox guarding the hen-house. With the real scandal - Uranium One - suddenly breaking out into the open, Robert Mueller was forced to act. These spurious charges being made against Paul Manafort are nothing but a diversion.

The real crime here is the Uranium One scandal. Tony Podesta and Hillary Clinton's other sycophants are in deep kaka!

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Don't totally buy it. Possibly true. Other possible explanation is Mueller is running with his mandate, which is basically open ended, and he is going to round up all the lobbyists that have been operating illegally in Washington?

Wouldn't that be great to see.

Let's hope it is true. Would be completely politically neutral, if half the folks he gathers in his clutches are Repubs and half are Demos.

And send 50% of Washington to jail for illegal lobbying for foreign countries.

Mueller can rehabilitate himself in my view, if he is 50/50 on the folks he indicts.


Mueller covered up for pedophile Paul Singer.

Mueller has a dark and dirty past.

All will be revealed soon.