Why are human breasts so big - Is it an error of evolution?

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On this planet, there are about 5000 species of mammals, but homo sapiens is the only species that has breasts constantly. Of course, this kind of anomaly seems sexy to us, but with a better thought it raises the question: why are human breasts so big? Is it an error of evolution?


One of the most popular theories was raised by Charles Darwin - and later developed by Zoologist Desmond Morris, 1967. by publishing The Naked Ape. In it, the scientist states that human breasts have evolved as a symbol of sex - instead of rising primates on their ovulation during their ovulation. The reason for this is that when our ancestors started to stand still, their genitals were no longer so obvious, so instead of that, they could see visually easily visible breasts. Such a theory at least explains why women develop breasts during puberty - but does not explain why they persist during menopause.


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