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RE: Say hello to my little friend; @frogcake. A sweet treat-bot for the Adelaide community.

in #mallsballers5 years ago

This is a really cool idea bud, I love seeing bots which are built for the greater good.
I may jump on board but I would prefer to leave positions available for ballers who could do with the support more than me.
Here is an updated delegation link it's a much easier way to delegate, especially when the initial 100 SP delegation needs to be bumped up ;)


That's brilliant, thanks mate. So it uses actual SP instead of Vests, so no calculation.
I've just been eyeballing it over and over to get close; which can be laborious.
By all means get on it, we only have 5 on so far :)
@o07, @holoz0r and I have been worried that we'll miss baller posts, so hefty frogcake delegations is how we'll be supporting the Adelaide scene from now on, and I'd hate to see any ballers missing out.

No worries m8, yeah the eyeballing method sucks.

Done just delegated 100 Sp to frogcake, thanks for helping to get this off the ground for us malls ballers appreciate it.
Will have to chuck a few cents extra for @lordnigel with me up votes too, though I powered up a bit while steem price was low so votes are worth more now anyway :D

Nice :)
Great to have you on board.
Let us know when you start getting upvotes.

Thanks m8, noticed I got my first upvote :D

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