Self-Isolation Survival Tips.

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re0k9i.jpgGraffiti in No Man’s Sky - source = Epikk_Rogue (screenshot mine).

You should know by now what is going on regarding a certain virus and I guess you are sick of hearing about it in the mainstream news, every podcast or YouTube video is talking about it too.

Then you come here to Steem and get exposed to conspiracy theory disinformation nonsense spouted by people who really should know better. I very nearly downvoted a post from a well-loved witness today, but I won’t go into that here.

What’s The Situation?

The situation is very very real, and there have been people diagnosed locally. Some elderly people have died. The infection rate is exponential, meaning that numbers can double every 24 hours.
The very young and very old are the most at risk, but those in-between are at risk of damage to the lungs from inflammation as the body’s ill-prepared immune system tries to fight the virus.
This virus, much like the flu, can be asymptomatic too meaning you could be a carrier without knowing it.

However, this is a list of known symptoms in comparison to other illnesses:


As yet, there is no vaccine and I wouldn’t trust herd immunity for a few years yet, and that’s only if people start taking an eventual vaccine and actively wash their hands with soap.

Shopping centres are nearly devoid of toilet paper, cheap tinned baked beans and spaghetti, tuna, pasta, ramen or 2 minute noodles, due to panic buying.

949qbu.jpgSupermarket rationing to counter panic buying - Photo taken today.

Gatherings of over 500 people, and even as small as 50 people are starting to be cancelled.
Multi million dollar sports events are being cancelled too.

The gig economy will be affected negatively too.

There is a LOT of disinformation floating around, panic merchants and those flippantly dismissing this as a hoax altogether. Sigh.

What Can Be Done?

The first step is to not panic. Yep. Don’t Panic!
The next step is to look for staple foods, if they are still available, like rice, lentils, frozen vegetables or even cocktail franks (bought by the kilo, you can use a few at a time so they last longer).

Look for things that add flavour to those foods like curry powder, seasonings, pasta sauces,tomato ketchup, etc.
Consider making and freezing soups.
Eat smaller portions.
If you can afford it, pay for the more expensive brands because it keeps the economy afloat and leaves the cheaper brands for those who need them the most.
Wash your hands thoroughly, regularly.

Avoid large sporting events, concerts and booking overseas travel where possible.
Still go out and mingle in small numbers, but stay home if you feel sick. Common sense.
Avoid shaking hands where possible.

Ask your employer to arrange for you to work at home if possible.
Get information from legit medical sources, rather than opinions.

What If I’m Sick?

zh6k1k.jpgA snot goblin yesterday.

Image source

Once again, don’t panic.
Do NOT go to a hospital or medical centre.
Ring them up and ask for instructions / advice instead.
Find out when they can test you for Covid-19.
Stay home and get a lot of bed rest.
Keep your fluid levels up.
For entertainment, consider listening to podcasts (there’s a show for everyone).
Catch up on various TV shows you’ve missed out on.
Read the books you have piled up and we’re meaning to read but never got around to.

Above all, be safe and prepared, but not alarmed and we’ll get through this together.
Well, 3 metres apart, but still together. :)
Keep smiling.

Disclaimer: This is NOT medical advice and I am not a doctor. Information has been sourced from medical professionals where possible, but you should do your own due diligence.

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No rationing on Vegemite and Tim Tams...Time to stock up. It's all anyone needs for any extended quarantine period. Lol.

I doubt the new virus would survive long against The salt levels in Vegemite. Chuckle.

I heard chocolate donuts also cure Covid-19. True story.

4fvjl2.jpg Best go for the jam and cream filled ones to be on the safe side.

If only the WHO knew this miraculous cure for the virus...The world would be back to normal.

LMAO. True.

Still trying to work out if I should can our next meetup, on the 27th.

I wouldn’t cancel it as it’s only a small meeting. I will be forced to attend Job Statewide’s course with more people in a classroom. The real issue would be whether The Jade will be open or not.
Pubs and clubs are going to be hit pretty bad financially. None of my other smaller social events have been cancelled yet.

I find the comparison chart interesting. The people at Shaun's work have been told they have to self isolate if they sneeze, cough or blow their noses, yet sneezing is not even a symptom according to that chart. At least not for Covid19 (OMG, I just swyped "Covid" on the keypad and it automatically put "Covid19" in!).

Nosing at comparisons with past pandemics, I came across this: Of course we can't accurately predict how things will end up with Covid19, because it's not yet over, but it's interesting to see the comparisons. Not sure on all their facts, either, because the math for the Spanish flu doesn't seem to work out here:

"Global cases: 500 million. Global deaths: over 50 million (675,000 in the United States); the death rate was around 2 percent"

I make that 10%

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