My Most Prized Possession...

in #mallsballers6 years ago

The Christmas ornament below is now my most prized possession. It was made for me as part of a gift bag that was presented to all of the Steemians that attended the recent #teamaustralia Christmas party.

The artist is none other than the beautiful and delightful host, @bearone.

You can tell she's made it with love, patience and attention to detail.

I love it. As a thank you, it will become both, part of my footer and part of my new background banner design.

Thank you @bearone!

(If you'll excuse me, I'm having 'a moment' and I need to sit down to process it all)

See you when I get back to Adelaide!

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I loved that personalisation too!! ❤️@bearone

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She really did go above and beyond. I am still a little stunned by it all.

Yeh she’s so talented!!

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