It won't be "official" until Friday their time, Saturday our time. As it stands it's back to the old Steemit style interface, so I do hope that more d'apps jump across so that I can upload photos properly, have a word counter, etc. and genuinely do quality posts again.

There are going to be a few teething problems, like I can't access my wallet through it because it hasn't been set up yet.

Communities are working, but I think it will take a few weeks for the dust to settle.

PS. I can't actually edit anything I post on Hive yet, so fair warning, I wouldn't post anything that you cannot undo just yet. Feel free to look around though.

Cool. I'll not be posting until it works. I see I can log in, but it doesn't show me my posts or blog. You?

No, that’s not visible there yet. They post to Steem at the moment. It will show community stuff, but It’s a few days away from the big launch anyway.

Ah ok...It'll all come together I'm sure.