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Discover Mallorca - Port de Soller

Today I want to present you: Port de Soller a wonderful little village on the west coast of Mallorca.
It is surrounded by the Tramuntana mountains, that give it a magnificent scenery.
Please have a look for yourself and tell me what you think about this little gem.

There are many great restaurants in town, that I love to visit with my loved ones. The village is about 20 minutes away from Palma, but keep in mind that you have to pay around 5€ for passing the tunnel, there is as well an alternative road (for free), but you will have to pass a mountain road that will take you 40 minutes longer. I hope you enjoyed my post. I am looking forward to your comments.

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Thanks :)

Lindos paisajes


Gracias !

hello my friend what post and image is so nice to post about your region good luck for your steemeir if want please check may post my friend

nice pic and great post please up vote and support me

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