Has The World Went Off The Deep End?

Mall of America in Eagan, Minnesota: Black man THROWS a 5 yr old boy from 3rd story of mall, FOR NO REASON.


The headline could not be more horrifying. To take an innocent child and throw them over a rail to try and kill them. A CHILD. Who does this? An animal! Emmanuel Avarda, details still emerging, went to the mall that day to kill someone, anyone, and 5 yr old Landon happened to be the closest person to him. POS Emmanuel had been at the mall hitting on women, who were quick to tell him "get away from me", in frustration he grabs Landon and flings him over the rail. No amount of caution could have prevented this, even having a hold of the child's hand.


Next we have the burning of a iconic Christian cathedral mysteriously start burning on a Sunday when no workers were working. MSM will have you believe it was an accident because the building was being renovated. France has had too many hate crimes being committed against Christians to ignore. Sell stupid somewhere else. A video has emerged showing a Muslim on the second floor. Coincidence? Hell no. When the new Muslims in congress are spewing Jew/Christian hatred, trying to rile up the whole country, something is amiss.


While trying to bury the truth, the MSM has blinded the eyes of the world to the true agenda of Muslims. Submit to Islam or you will be cut down. That is the message. They have tons of rhetoric being exposed on the web for years the agenda to take down America by being elected to positions in the legislator. Use America's own laws against her to take her down. They wrote it in plain sight and nobody listened. I did. 35 years ago was when I first heard it. The Bible talks about it, all over, how they will be the scourge of the world. And still nobody heads the warnings.


Our founding fathers had insight & wisdom when they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Too bad we don't have any left like them inside government. We are all at the sidelines, watching & voicing outrage, with no one listening. Too bad. Where will you all be when they are busting down your door or throwing you off high places?

Have guns? Did you buy them at a store? Too bad, they will come for them. Did you buy them unknown? Great! You will be one of the few to have them. Got ammo? Did you buy it at a store? Too bad, they will come & take it. Buy ammo unknown? Great! You will have ammo. Get your shit together sheeple! Get off your damn phone & wake up! Hell is coming and you are not prepared!


Correction on the name: Emmanuel Aranda

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