Norwegian Scammer hiding in Malaysia - We need YOUR HELP to Find him - International fugitive with expired Visa in Malaysia!

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From his hideaway in Malaysia, Norwegian police believe that Helge Moan, 47, scam startups, bankrupt business owners and lure jobseekers. 15 days ago he Scammed us for about $25,000 US Dollars, so lets find out if STEEM is powerful enough to track him down.

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  • Helge Moan is a notorious fraudster. He is an intelligent, upright person and is skilled in what he occupies. Unfortunately, it is a question of lure money from Norwegians nowadays, investigator Tore Olav Moe says at unit East in Oslo police district.

  • He was originally born Lars Rune Solberg and comes from Manglerud in Oslo.

  • Both in 2006 and 2010 he was sentenced to prison for financial crime. He has tax fraud, financial adultery, tax evasion, identity theft, fraud and gross fraud.

  • He was also convicted of gross fraud in several cleaning companies he had been driving since 1997. At that time he was called the "Wastewater" of the media. - He has 13 bankruptcies behind him.

  • Moan has been doing financial crime for about 20 years. He steals identities and operates under a number of fake names, says Moe.

  • At the Manglerud police station, the police have 12 ringblades full of case documents from Helge Moan's fraud.

  • One and one fraud is relatively small. But when you begin to look at the overall picture and see that he or she has been convicted twice earlier and shows no ability to change behavior, in addition to the fact that there are so extremely many affected, it's starting to be a rather serious matter, "says investigator. Steinar Reitan Gilberg.

  • Moan has different approaches, and in many cases the victims themselves contact him. There are business owners who try to avoid bankruptcy, as well as founders who want to start their very first limited company.

  • Moan runs the website "". There he has specialized in offering a so-called "shelf company", that is, a pre-registered limited company with NOK 30,000 in share capital on account. In five minutes, the customer will receive an organization number and bank account.

  • For this he will have 1500 kroner. The 30,000 crowns will be returned to the business owner.

  • But what happens is that he uses so-called "mules" to carry out the fraud. There are job-seeking Norwegians he gets through via Job seekers think they are employed as economists in a company that helps companies abroad to pay for goods and services.

  • "We can document that it is in excess of 10 million kroner that he has taken out of Norway from 2012," said police officer Steinar Reitan Gilberg.

  • This means that there may be far more offended than the 155 who have reported.

  • Helge Moan is wanted internationally, and in April his visa expired in Malaysia, which means he is now illegally resident in Malaysia.

One of the people who unknowingly helped Helge Moan to get some of the money out of the country had this to say:

"He found me on where my CV lay out," explains the 26-year-old woman.

The person claims to be senior partner "Harald Aarflot" in "Aabel, Arentzen & Aarflot". The business idea was to assist Norwegian companies abroad paying for goods and services at a lower price than the banks. The 26-year-old was looking for work and thanked him for the job as "office and economist worker" with a salary of 300 kroner per hour.

"The first assignments were to receive 30,000 kroner and transfer them to another account abroad," said the 26-year-old.

  • So suddenly, a person calls and says he has notified me to the police. I did not understand anything. Suddenly I drove with scams without knowing it, "she said.

    March 2008: Moan escapes from jail after finishing his first sentence.
    December 2010: Moan drops out of jail after finishing her second sentence.
    January 2012: New reviews where Moan is suspected starts coming to the police.
    October 2012: Moan is called for questioning to the police.
    November 2012: Moan goes to Malaysia
    February 2013: Moan is getting internationally wanted
    April 2017: Moan's visa in Malaysia expires.

  • Some of Helge Moan's tire names:
    Harry Johansen
    Hans Amundsen
    Haakon Amundsen
    Haakon Aarseth
    Hans Gabriel Hunter
    Henning Høines
    Harald Aarflot
    Haakon Aarflot
    Henning Aarflot
    Håkon Stanghelle
    Harald Vestby

  • Some of Helge Moan's company names:
    Aspelund & Zachariassen
    Ramm & Wiik
    Back & Hunter
    Back Holding AS
    Aarseth & Co
    Aabel, Arntsen & Aarflot
    Start AS
    Qvale & Co.
    Aarhus Schults AS
    Finans Forvaltning AS
    Neptune Crew

Do you know where he is staying or have other tips on the matter? Post a comment below and/or use our contact form at - We have money to spend on people who help us take this guy down, this FIAT-SCAMMER shall be caught and shall be punished for his crimes, and those who help take him down shall be rewarded!

Thank you!
@fyrstikken Inc.


Don't worry @fyrstikken when I see him around I will beat him with moderate to heavy scolding.

I will pay $1000 per hour to watch the private genuine livestream if it is scoldingly good enough ;)

Well it very important that this man must b arrested as soon as possible. Otherwise he can do much more harm to other people. upvote and resteem done.

do another blog on how he got 25 thousand from you.

I'll take that offer XD


I'm gonna resteem this post we need to pass this information. Regards

thank you

You're welcome sir, we need to avoid people fall into hands of this scammers

This is terrible, even sad, to think moan has been a previous criminal walking free is very sad really, with his many crimes I do hope he is brought to book when they come out of hiding

Absolutely, a fraud like him shouldn't be able roam free..

Upvote and resteemit done dear..

thank you very much

Wellcome dear..

oh my God! we must aware all steemians about this scammer man!

He is out to prey a new victim... Tho the victim knows its a fraud :O

Really did it... How did it taste :p

Todo un peluche... hay que agarrarlo...

Honestly speaking the Scandinavian law system is much too soft. I'm from Sweden and I see the same thing, criminals are not even scared of the law, and they just continue along the same lines without changing. It's people's hard earned money that is being stolen .

I hope they catch him and put him in jail for good!

Yep, of course he will be found. But I have no trust in the law or lawenforcement systems, those are broken. But that does not mean that we cannot do the job they cannot do, and completely legal. Lets hope for a ruff arrestation and a ruff interigation.

I definitely think this is a good initiative, and the world is becoming quite small with the help of social media, so hopefully we can find him ! Resteemed to support the hunt

i am going to upvoted and resteemed this post everybody should see this and everyone needs to know this

I'm going to resteeem this. Scammer like this should be brought to justice. Hopefully will be found soon. Oh gosh, here in Malaysia!

Find him = Money in your pocket.

the evil deeds committed will surely be uncovered, wherever he hides will surely be found, hopefully everything is finished

holy hell, gotta be on watch everyone, lest we lose our shitting pants

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Damn right!

We really should, cause this guy ain't joking about this stuff we can loose money just listening to his mad max headlines we really need to keep an eye out for this dude scammer

Resteeming this, now this guy needs to be brought to justice.

Upvoted and resteemed! not worth much on my end, but good luck regardless.

Sad to hear that this is happening to you now, hopefully that person can be found for their accountability, I will resteem so that my followers also know they!

Everyone needs to know this. I will join in the search but resteeming also. We need to kick scam out of this world

Damn right!

@fyrstikken damn man I hate them scammers! I hope Steemit can come together and we can catch this guy!

Scammers and Fraudsters should be locked up for good. I'm from Malaysia, I will resteem your post, hopefully me and my friends can spot this guy. He might be scamming Malaysian too. Thank you for sharing this info @fyrstikken.

upvoted and resteemed done

Good way to inform people about these events .

I'll pass it on...

Thanks for sharing ... upvoted

Upvote and resteemit done sir.

you can contact with Malaysia police.

Sure, he is wanted by Malaysia police as well, just find his location snap some pictures and help in the investigation on his whereabouts. We shall smoke him out of his foxhole and bring him into a cage.

What!?. this guy should be hunted down.. its dangerous that this mother fcker is living together with the people in malaysia they might get scam.. i will resteem this so that it well spread a warning to people.

I will make sure there will be money in the pockets for those who catch him.

Done resteeming your post mate.. but we need to spread it more so many people can be notify hope FBI can find him or else malaysian bank accounts will be scam.. hope this man would be caught as soon as posible.

Vote and resign friend made. It is a danger against humanity .. God wants to find it fast .. greetings

Come on guys..
Let's show everyone the power of steem and hunt this fraud down..

ive spread the word.. lets hunt them down, spread the word steemians

Hope they catch him...highly immoral and obviously without a conscience....probably a psychopath...

I've helped you with resteem and I support you with upvote, hopefully this becomes a chain message and he quickly caught

What a scumbag! Upvoted and resteemed.

Looool man big changing

If everyone can put their heads down, he will be caught, we have more than 700,000 people now on steemit, this news will be spread down to at least 500,000 people if we all can share this post.
Well if their was a way to lure people to share this post, it would have been better cuz I hate fraudsters, they are ready to take away everything you have worked for in life.
Thank you @fyrstikken this should be another way of bringing these criminals to justice.

hii @fyrstikken

Nice share information brother

help follow and Upvote me back brother
Thanks you @fyrstikken


The irony of a post full of so much research on a scammer.
How does such an individual pull the wool over your eyes if you are so thorough?
Maybe you did the research AFTER the fact.

Also, the fact that a proven scammer is top commentator AND essentially MOCKING you.
Is also highly amusing.

So much scat here.


Move on and wise the fuck up.

Upvoted and followed.Thank you @fyrstikken.

I upvoted and resteemed your post. I also inform my uncle who stay in Malaysia. Hopfully we will be found him soon and also brought to justice. @fyrstikken

Upvote and resteemit done... yeah, all scammers should brought to justice...

Am going to resteem This, so that the information gets out there

He's a goddam evil genius. Hope we can find him.

I had no idea financial adultery was a crime....

I already made Resteemed

I already made Resteemed

ofcourse this man should be arrested for our own good and the good of our society, otherwise if we fail this man would provide so much harm to our good selves, so come on and help them arrest this man and this man should be behind the bars...

thanks for the heads-up @fyrstikken will share it within #teammalaysia community

It's sad to hear that this is happening to you now, hopefully that person can be found for their accountability, hopefully they will get the same

hopefully quickly arrested by malaysia police

@fyrstikken if he happen to be in Borneo, I will use our traditional Bakakuk to hit him. For now i will share this among my friends and fellow steemians.

This is so scary.. malaysian people should be informed with this our else they will be scamed. This should be in national television so many people can see. I will resteem this and spread to people.

He has really done lot of scams...he has no right to live out there ..fraudster like him should be behind the is only possible if we spread the word.....resteemed....
Guess i am not gonna be the victim now...thanks @fyrstikken..

The fraudster is having fun....

I resteemed this post @frystikken . Hope he will be caught soon . Everyone should be aware of notorious scammers . :(

Haha... Just lemme know when u catch him.... I m dozing off till then :p

lovely post..
thats a great post..
resteem sir..
check my blog sir..

sir @fyrstikken
Reall you are great worker in steemit community .thanks for malaysia information.i will proud your great workwe must aware all steemians about this scammer man.

upvoted and resteem


He is on his way in bringin pizza to @fyrstikken s home

Hi @fyrstikken now I in Malaysi. If I meet that scammer I will catch him with fried and I call you.
I hate Scammer.. when people work hard but scammer just steal own of other

Benar benar itu kejahatan yang tidak bisa di terorir, kita bisa saling membantu untuk.mengimformasikan keberadaanereka untuk bisa ditangkap dan diproses secara hukum.

One more danger to worry about, this type of person is what makes our lives impossible in business. Resteemed

dammm this is so sad to know about i hope they find it soon

Perhaps you can get in touch with the Malaysian Police. I couldn't find the English version of their site. It is a competent police force and they should be able to track him down. There are other contact details here.

I like this post, probably malaysia is my dream country, i gonna tell all my followers to like it.

Upvote and resteem done my able mentor.

Hiding man...
I just upvoted and resteemed.

Don't worry @Frystikken whenever i see them around i will sue them or call into you in a jiffy to come get them....

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Re-steem... I hope together we will find this scammer and put him where he belongs...


upvoted and resteemed. hope you'll catch him soon sire

I'm gonna resteem this post we need to pass this information. we need to put a stop to such criminals

I will for sure remember his eyebrows - they are very expressive and recognizable. If he happens to be around here, I will for sure report him.

lovely post sir..
thanks for sharing boss...
resteem your post sir...
please check my blog...@fyrstikken

I'm sure that steemit finds him :)

The picture two.. very very good.. i like it... @fyrstikken

A BlockChain beat down?

I like it.

The beat down can be streamed on DLive. Probably get lots of upvotes. And the curation rewards will be awesome too.

I have resteemed this also. I am an Australian living in Cambodia, I have seen first hand many people with this character who float through all the time. I really hope he is caught and nobody else can be affected by his crimes. Thanks for sharing :)

I'm also from Norway, will head to Malaysia in a few days - will let you know when I've caught him!

que increible los cambios que puede hacer este tipo de personas diferentes tipos de personalidad, todo lo que una persona puede llegar a hacer por dinero, por favor gente de Malaysia esten pendiente de ese estafador. este tipo de mensaje es lo que necesitamos para informarnos, gracias @fyrstikken

All people should be aware of this sutor le dare Resteemed, you must pay for all your scams

You are very good. Vote me guy please

I have resteemed the post, valuable information for sure! Thanks for posting!

Please you vote me

nice share
thank you

Seems like a cool guy, I would like to make a movie about him.

muy buena iniciativa ojala se pueda lograr algo por medio de esta rede social

Many Malaysia will fall for his scam as Malaysia seems to be scammers heaven. If you have any idea of his whereabouts in Malaysia, it would quite easy to track him down.... I could arrange for the police and group of people to find him but i would details of some the last location, he was last seen.. with population of 34 Millions and few foreigners in the country it's definitely possibile to track him down

Yikes! That man has lost a lot of weight and he is a con artist which means he is likely on crazy drugs. Is he dangerous? I am sorry he got you for your money it really makes me mad- I wish I could do something for you. I hate to see good people being taken advantage of. That guy isn’t fixable. Clearly. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

Oh No... i hope this guy will be caught asap!!! congrats on what are u doing @frystikken!

This post has received a 100.00 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @fyrstikken, @golosclassic.

hello friend, I'm new to this platform, but I did reesteem to collaborate. regards

OMG. That guy must have too many victims. He should be arrested asap... I think I have to resteem this post to make people around the world know and help you to find him soon. I believe he will be in a jail soon.

Follow me plis.

Hi! Have a good day. ✌😁

I hope the moneys can be returned.

I didn't know that financial adultery was a thing, and I have no idea what a ringblades is.

He really, really likes using the letter H even when he's using fake names, huh.

we are ready.tahnks

It is obviously a mandate on everyone who cares to resteem this information so that this supposed crook could be brought to book in time. But wait.. i guess his cronies have to be taken first to facilitate his eventual arrest.

Yea ... I saw him moving to mars in a car with some idiotic robot

awesome post sir..
upvot & resteem..
check my blog sir..

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