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Hello Steemians, hope you are all sound and healthy. My post today is about my journey with malaria.
For the past 2 days I have been feeling a lot of discomfort with my health. Headaches, loss of appetite, joint pains, dry cough, flue and I was becoming increasingly tired.
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These symptoms would make you think of the worst. First I thought it was fatigue because I have been working awfully hard and doing sports. A lot of soccer to be exact.

As the discomfort increased, I couldn’t take it anymore and I decided to do a check-up because I was worried the symptoms were starting to make me think of the worst. I went to a Pharmacy close to home and the medical worker did a test using the Malaria diagnostic test kit.

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Though the test results kept saying I have no malaria. He then prescribed for me medicine for the cough because he thought my discomfort was emanating from the developing cough.

However even after the cough medication, my condition wasn’t getting any better. I decided to try another clinic and this time opted for the complete blood count to get a general review. This revealed I have malaria ++.

The good doctor prescribed medication and I already had my first dose. All I can say is that it’s not a good feeling being sick. It makes you feel useless because your productivity levels complete drop.

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This the medicine I have to take for the next 4 days. The doctor advised me to drink lots of fluids and eat enough because the medicine is really strong.

Guys malaria is dangerous. Try as much as possible to sleep under treated mosquito nets and for those who are not comfortable under mosquito nets there are other options like mosquito repellents.
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Thank you for reading my post and please remember to wear your Masks. Be Blessed


Quick recovery.

Quick recovery brother🙏🙏🙏🙏just prays everything will be ok

Thank You arthur. Amen