4 Makeup Looks and Hairstyles

in makeup •  last year

Sunday funday!

Today I had some fun listening to music, drinking coffee and playing around with different looks.


Even though I have a small makeup collection, I love to create different looks with what I have.


On all of these pictures I kept my face and eye makeup the same, but obviously I changed my lip products - that is my favorite way to always change up my makeup looks.


Hair style also can play a big role in switching your look.


Let me know which makeup look/hair style you like the most... :)

Earrings by Stand Out From The Crowd

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thanks for sharing keep it up


Thank you for stopping by! :)

I think these looks matches the seasons very well actually, in color and style
#1 - spring
#2 - summer
... and so on.
Therefore I'd say look #3 suits you best, because of the timing ;)
Happy autumn sunday!


Oh, that's very interesting to hear! That's kind of how I think, I connect different colors to different seasons, so I only wear red during the autumn/winter and I only wear pink during the spring/summer.
Thank you for your comment! :)

I like #3 and #4 the best:)


Thank you for letting me know! :)))

Very beautiful model!! I love 2 & 4 the best!! :-D
You can do more of this easy on the eyes stuff anytime!!
Better yet, I'll join you for coffee and take the photo's!! ;-D


Haha, thank you my friend.
I really do need a good photographer, these selfies are not easy to manage, haha! :D

You're very pretty @nikolina!


Thank you!

Beautiful girl!


Thank you! <3