Behind the Scenes with Twin Cities Model for Gothesque Magazine

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I always enjoy working with my friend and photographer Jaime. We always have so much fun creating sets and styling our photo shoots. The theme of the photo shoot was Haunted Waters. We both wanted to create a slightly grotesque but beautiful dark water creature.

Set - Jaime made a small pond in her backyard. She dug a hole, covered the hole with a tarp, and filled it with ice cold water. I think the hardest part of the shoot was sitting in an ice cold pond!!! Oh, and the mosquitoes.



Luckily my feet were not photographed so I was able to wear my water shoes to help keep my feet warm!!

Makeup: I used liquid latex to glue craft moss and shells to my face and body. I also used a variety of metallic pigments on my face and eyes.


Clothing- I used an old fishing net I found in an antique store.

Thank you for letting me share!



For more images check out Gothesque Magazine Issue 39 -
MUAH: Nikki Vance
Photographer: Jaime with Jay Nic Photo
Instagram: Jay Nic Photography


Great shoot! The pale contrast looks fantastic! :)

Thank you, Jaime did a great job with the editing

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