Step out of comfort zone; purple & yellow edition

in #makeup2 years ago

Stepped out of my comfort zone a little bit with this one today, I was inspired by a look I saw on Pinterest which I will post below. Of course mine is like a Walmart quality of hers, but again, practice makes perfect! I will definitely be trying this look again, but wth a darker purple lipstick and maybe a more dramatic eyeliner. I also have no idea what to do with my eyebrows. I've been blessed with pretty great eyebrows that require little to no maintenance, but now I want to start shaping them. This all started when I saw a girl with orange and the end of her eye brows and I loved that idea, but then I tried to add eye shadow and it just got lost in my hair. So I will try to find a solution to that, but either way I'm a happy camper.


Thanks for following along!
Much love


I usually stick the the neutral and reds ... never really experimented with many other colors .

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That's fair! It's definitely fun to try new things & new combos. I was hesitant about this one, but really pleased with how it turned out! Excited to try more 💜

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