(Day 1) 30 Day Throwback Makeup Challenge

in #makeup3 years ago

I used to do a lot of fun/scary/cool looks with makeup when I was younger. I really loved doing it and I always imagined that I would have tons of time to work on things like that as I got older. Well, work and shit got in the way and I keep telling myself that I will get back into it, but then I slack. I'm challenging myself to post a makeup photo every day for 30 days. I hope that revisiting my old looks will inspire me to redo some of them with better skills and supplies and also to make me want to create new looks now that I am older.

This was a look I did because I wanted the challenge. Clowns seriously scared the shit out of me all the time, so I wanted to get over myself. This was the result:



I also enjoy getting salty with people who leave rude comments, because why not have fun with it?



Wish me luck on my challenge. I need it!



Good luck, girl. You take after your momma with the consistency thing. I have faith in you, though. You are AWESOME with makeup AND painting AND fashion, so even if you do something different every month or ever week or every hour, you still have plenty to show!