A satisfied woman is a happy woman!

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I am one of those women who are important to what they look like, and who take care of themselves and their looks. I like makeup, and I always want to look very nice. Make-up is my hobby and I really love doing it with my friends. And I think they like my style of makeup, because I'm always surprised at something new.

Of course, every type of makeup has its purpose. I do not exaggerate with a makeup to go to a store or some similar stuff. But in these situations I like to look, like a woman, a woman who loves herself and a woman who cares about herself.


Every woman feels good when she makes little change, whether it's a hairstyle or some new lipstick. I think that we feel better and especially, even when we only make a small change. You must have felt somehow newer and differently after leaving the salon, and when that might not have been a special hairstyle. I once felt like a new one, more special after just a short haircut. That does just a few centimeters of hair less. What if I had a new lipstick next to it?!



If you are a woman, act like a woman, and look like a woman. If you want to be loved, you first love yourself. Try it, I think you will like it.

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Yes. Woman must be a satisfied woman. So pretty girl on photo!


thank you! :)

Like this awesome attitude

Nice post! 100% upvote and following you now!


Thank you for your time to read my post! :)