How to make a good Cover Letter to apply for a work ??

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At this time I would like to inform the friends steemit about how to make the best cover letter to apply for a job


Do you have to create a Cover Letter to apply for a job? Here is all the information you need to create an effective cover letter so that your CV to recognize HRD. If these tips You read carefully, you could make a good cover letter to be sent along with your CV.

What is a Cover Letter?

Cover letter is a document that is sent along with your CV to the application work as extra information about Your work experience and skills.

Typically this cover letter contains information detailing why you are suitable candidate for the job you are applying. For companies, the cover letter is one way to filter out the right candidate to be called to interview. If the company asks to include a cover letter, usually they will inscribe it in advertising jobs they install.

Types of Cover Letter

Basically, there are three types of cover letter. Select the type of cover letter that corresponds to your goals. This is the kind of cover letter:

The cover letter works: used for sending YOUR CV when applying for a job.
The statement of work: use today was about to ask if there is a position open at that time.
A letter Job Reference: used to ask for information and assistance when wishing to find a job.

How to make a Cover Letter is a good and true

Your cover letter can be the deciding factor in getting a job or any interview you want. So, it's only natural if you take the time and sacrifice needed to create an effective cover letter. The following are helpful tips in making a good cover letter.

That must exist in the Cover Letter

Cover letter must be a complement to your CV. Cover letter be your first communications with the media companies, because it's the first impression you give is very important. A good cover letter explains why you are interested in the job and exposes the skill or experience your work. Please read carefully the job desc, re-evaluation of skill-skill required, and match with your qualification. Think about areas where you can apply Your skill and how effective it would be in the position of a job offer.

When you create a cover letter, make sure it contains the following information:

The job position you are applying.
From where did you get information about jobs.
Why you are suitable for the position. Give a specific reason.
What can you offer to the company. Match Your skills with the job desc.
Greeting thank you for the consideration of the company.

The Rules Of Writing A Cover Letter

The following are the parts required in every cover letter.


Cover letter must begin with information that can be contacted either about you or the company (name, address, telephone number, email), followed by the date. If you create a cover letter in the form of an email, not in the form of letters or post, please include the information that could be reached at the end of the letter, after your signature.


Open Your cover letter with a greeting company representatives/HRD by using "to:" or if you use the language of the United Kingdom, you can write "Dear HRD of ...".

The opening of the

Start Your introduction by stating what position you want to apply. Please tell me where did you get information about job vacancies, especially if you hear it from relatives who is an employee of the company. Speak briefly of your work experience and skill that fits the qualifications requested. Your main goal in this section is to draw the attention of HRD.

The contents of the

In this section, explain why you are interested in a position that you are applying and you are the candidates who stay into one or two paragraphs. Please list any specific existing qualifications in advertising jobs and explain that you meet all the credentials. Don't just repeat the contents of your CV, but also include specific examples that demonstrate your ability

The closure of the

At its closure, emphasize why Your skill position You as a candidate worthy of the company. Point out also if you wish are given the opportunity to do an interview or discuss the possibility of being employed. Explain also how you will follow the development of the process and say thank you to the reasoning above HRD.


Please close the cover letter with your signature written hand, followed by the name You typed. If this is in the form of email, then DAB the only your name followed by the information that can be contacted.

Check The Back Of Your Cover Letter

Before submitting your job cover letter, make sure you have reviewed and read it back. Although it sounds simple, make sure the name of the GROUP or the company which You enter is correct. When you make a lot of cover letter at the same time, it is very easy to make mistakes. Reread the decrease your chances of making mistakes like typo or less words. Always double-check the spelling of the name, or the name of the company HRD your applying for a job.

That's tips on creating a cover letter that is good and true. Remember that the cover letter does not need to be long-length. One page alone is more than enough. Good luck.
Thank you ..!!

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