I Married a Winner

in #makersplace5 years ago

I married a winner in so many ways! More ways than I can tell you. But here is just one of them...

My husband, @joechiappetta won 3rd place in the Happy New Year Digital Art Contest from the innovative folks @makersplace!

You can read all about what they are up to here!

My man loves to dance (so many men don't, but I am grateful he does) and his enthusiasm is reflected in his award-winning Digital Art!


Thanks so much @makersplace!




So happy to know about this many congratulations this is just a start many more to come cheers :D

WOohoo thats so cool and congrats to your Winner Hubby :)

haha! that is indeed rare. You won't find me dancing. Howdy denisechips! this is great news and I salute him too!

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