GNT Trading Now Available on Maker Market

in makerdao •  2 years ago

By most accounts the Golem project crowdsale of their Golem Network Token (GNT) was a tremendous success, raising about 820,000 ETH in under half an hour. When Golem set out to create the GNT, they had special requirements for their project. As a result, their token does not fully comply with the existing ERC20 token standard. This means it does not automatically integrate into existing tools and dapps that expect ERC20 tokens. One of those dapps is Maker Market, our zero-fee decentralized exchange. In light of this, we've added a token wrapper contract that accepts GNT deposits and presents an ERC20 compliant interface, enabling decentralized trading on Maker Market. For any other dapp that would like to use this wrapper, the address and verified source can be found on etherscan.

Users can deposit GNT tokens into the ERC20 wrapper from the Deposit/Withdraw tab and get started trading on Maker Market today. If you are not familiar with using Maker Market, this video tutorial should be useful. We will be adding more token support in the coming weeks. If there is a specific token that you would like to see supported, please let us know in the Maker Market channel in our chat room or file a github issue. Although the market's smart contracts have been stable for quite a while now, we are always improving the UI and welcome any feedback or feature requests. Happy trading!

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