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Recorded Developer Updates

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Thank you all for joining the weekly meeting. We have 24 participants on the call today.

Agenda items should be posted to or in #meeting-agenda on Rocket Chat

Upon conclusion of the formal portion of the meeting, further topics will be discussed and debated.

Maker Core:

  • Governance
    • Prism (DRI: Ryepdx)
    • DSChief (DRI: nikolai)
      • No update
    • Token redeploy and auxiliary deployments (redeemer, burner, chief-auth, weth, etc)
    • Bytecode multisig
      • Testing on Kovan
  • Sai - Simplecoin (DRI: Rain)
    • Audit now starting September 18th
    • Prep ongoing - documentation and small code changes
  • Dai
    • no update
  • Keepers (DRI: reverendus)
    • Validated compatibility between automated Oasis order matching and keepers. Found one bug and one issue in the
    • MatchingMarket contracts as a result of it. Unit-tested this area so it will be easier to validate compatibility in the future.
    • Started work on smart gas management. Conceptualizing possible solutions.
    • Keepers in provisional environment active. Last activity during previous weekend (Saturday), no activity since then. So far 417 SAI profit made in total on arbitrage, excluding ETH costs.
    • Repo begins to bring some attention, especially around EtherDelta integration.
    • Nix keeper package created by @dbrock.
    • Some documentation improvements.


  • Oasis (DRI: Geronimo):
    • General:
      • Oasis contract with order matching got deployed on mainnet.
      • New frontend with order matching is now running on
      • SAI is now available on
      • Old Market is still running on and will be closed soon.
  • Rio
    • no update
  • Marketing: (DRI: Matt)
    • Integration with some 0x projects for Sai
    • Sponsorship of ETH waterloo hackathon
    • Foundation work on bank account
  • Business Development (DRI: Rune)
    • Exchanges:
      • Possible delays in China given recent ICO news
  • China (DRI: Rune)
    • First payment to China team

General Topics:

Topics discussed here are not binding and should not be taken out of context of an open discussion. More is said during the general topics than what can be faithfully transcribed into written text

  • Oasis

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