Maker Meeting Notes 2017 March 26th

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Formal Governance

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Thank you all for joining the weekly meeting. We have 11 participants on the call today.

This part of the meeting will be recorded and will serve as the formal record of the community consensus. Agenda items should be posted to or in #meeting-agenda on Rocket Chat

Upon conclusion of the formal portion of the meeting, further topics will be discussed and debated.

On Record:

Dev Update:

Maker Core (DRI: rain/mbrock/dbrock):

  • Progress on PP during dapphub meetup
  • Major simplecoin overhaul proposal
  • Rain: making good progress on vow and auctions

Oasis (DRI: Geronimo):

Maker Model (DRI: mbrock ):

  • Started modeling in Isabelle for formal verification
  • Foundation for aqua marine paper, the formal verification of Maker
  • Nik: Looking to start economic simulations

Simple Stable Coin (DRI: zandy):

  • major upgrades:
    • swap out the contracts with minimal interference to the feeds/U
    • Build a better brand because implementation is better and could compete with other stablecoin implementations
    • Needs to be decentralized
    • Better research benefits

Video (DRI: kenny):

  • Considering making changes to script to replace mentions of “Maker” with Dai credit system, and changing website to
  • Changes would require more time and resources to complete and would likely fall outside the original agreement.
  • Video 1 link available upon request

Foundation Update:

MKR Sale update (DRI: rune + zandy):

General Topics:

Topics discussed here are not binding and should not be taken out of context of an open discussion. More is said during the general topics than what can be faithfully transcribed into written text

March Budget Guidance

NameUSD Equivalent

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