Maker Meeting Notes 2017 June 25th

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Formal Governance

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Thank you all for joining the weekly meeting. We have 22 participants on the call today.

This part of the meeting will be recorded and will serve as the formal record of the community consensus. Agenda items should be posted to or in #meeting-agenda on Rocket Chat

Upon conclusion of the formal portion of the meeting, further topics will be discussed and debated.

On Record:

Dev Update:

Maker Core (DRI: rain/mbrock/dbrock):

  • Sai - Simplecoin (DRI: Rain)
    • Implemented spread param
    • Simplified cage process (back to two states & reading directly from feed)
    • DC: Progress on Sai diagrams is up on the github wiki
  • Maker Model : (DRI: mbrock):
    • No update
  • Keepers (DRI: reverendus)
    • More sophisticated general arbitrage keeper developed
    • The new one can perform multi-step arbitrage, it’s general in sense that it it can make profit from boom/bust, join/exit, Lpc and Oasis orders. It replaces the previous bad debt processing keeper which could only make profit from boom and worked on one currency pair
    • Plan for the next week is to bring it up to date with the recent Tub changes (modularization, spreads etc.) to deploy it somewhere and show it’s working on Kovan. Then some code clean-up will follow
    • @r001 will be joining the keeper team
    • Documentation at

Oasis (DRI: Geronimo):

  • General:
  • Frontend:
    • Working on Allowance redesign:
      • User will be asked if he wants to grant access to his token balance at the beginning of his first trade
      • Allowance will be binary

Marketing (DRI: Matt)

Foundation Update:

MKR Sale [suspended] (DRI: rune + zandy):

  • No new update on legal
    • Still determining how many entities

General Topics:

Topics discussed here are not binding and should not be taken out of context of an open discussion. More is said during the general topics than what can be faithfully transcribed into written text

  • Discuss budget for Devcon3
    • What should be covered
      • Hotel, flights, ticket, food per diem
  • Source code discussion

Audio Link


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Hi Kenny,
Thanks for the post!

Sorry to get off topic, just been carrying this question for some time.. I have some of the original MKR tokens on the Bitshares network and was wondering if i can still use the bobgate account to transfer them out to an Eth wallet as described by Rune HERE?

Thank you,


let me talk with rune or who currently is taking care of and getting back to you! Long time no hear - we should have a chat asap :)


Cheers man, appreciate it :)

Would be great to catch up with you again. I will revert back to the old meeting place and see if your still active there otherwise are you on telegram?

Great and interesting meetings, cool postings, following you now..thank you