My 3D Printer in action! What color or plastic should I do next, y’all decide!

in #maker4 years ago

A cool pic of my #3Dprinter in action cranking out some cool #3Dmodels for fun! As soon as I figure out how to post videos I will show it in action/time lapse.


I think I have this Robo R1+ dialed in pretty good for #3Dprinting in #APLA, I have also printed in #PETG, #PLA, #ABS, Wood and some other exotic plastics.


I mostly print in white and then paint the models with acrylic paint and spray them with low gloss plastic spray to seal them against water.


What colors or material types would you all be interested in seeing me do my #3Dprinting in? Let me know in the comments & I’ll try it out and post the results!


I think the most interesting prints are with flex filament or special filaments that e.g. glow in the dark when the objects really make use of those specialities.

I have tried the flexible filaments and my printer has a hard time processing them, but I want to try semi-flexible if I can find some reasonably priced. Glow in the dark is on my the top of my list, so I shall get some this week and post the results!

Good post I really like that

Thanks, I love #3Dprinting! Check back for my posts of my latest work.

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