More interesting creations I made #3Dpinting

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Here is another enjoyable round of #3Dmodels that I made for myself & others w/ my Robo R1+ enjoy!


The above image is of a #project that is in progress. I will publish the results when they are done! It is the first commissioned project of #2018!


These 3 lovable characters (#Kirby, #Pikachu, #Clefairy) everyone should know. They were painted semi clear transparent & painted by an artist friend.


This was a 20 sided die that I was #commissioned to do, but for the job they wanted all 20 sides to say 20 as a #joke. I made that one and this one with regular numbers 1-20.


A green & white #PLA #LEGO wreath. It was 11 different pieces in to total and was fun and challenging. The total diameter is roughly 18-20 inches and has 5 white and green ornaments.


Another holiday print is a #cookie cutter that I made for my mom for the #holidays. I wish I had made some cookies to show the result, maybe I’ll do a cookie cutter post later on!


This last image is of the different #iterations of phone cases I 3D printed until the final working phone case (the Orange one complete with side grips and a smaller camera opening). The blue case with sticker I tested/carried it for about 6 months. The last on was printed in for strength. The total number of iterations was 7 from start to finish. This project went over the three different 3D printers I have owned and I still make custom ones for people, let me know if you want one!

All models 3D printed in ABS, PETG, PLA & #APLA plastics. Please let me know in the comments what you think, any cool ideas or models to print from other #Makers are welcome 😉

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